Chyler the Lady


Chyler (樂樂) is a rescue dog we adopted from Doggie Protective Services (DPS Rescue) on 2nd November 2014. She was identified as a 2-3 years old King Charles Cavalier and Papillon mix. DPS Rescue typically rescue dogs in Southern California and drives them up to North California on weekends to be adopted. Chyler was one of these dogs and was found as a stray in South California. (This means both our dogs were likely born in SoCal and ended up living in NorCal!) Chyler is full grown at approximately 6-7 lbs, just a tiny little thing really. She has the sweetest little face that we can’t help but fall in love with.


We named Chyler 樂樂 in Mandarin Chinese, which means happiness and laughter. Our little girl came to us extremely frightened and skittish. She has this tendency of lying down flat on the ground and making herself as small as possible whenever something startles or scares her, which breaks our heart every time. We hope that she will gain confidence and learn that everyday is filled with happiness and laughter and show us her lovely smile all the time.


One thought on “Chyler the Lady

  1. I was describing Chyler to Tom today at the hospital while we waited. He said she sounded like a Papillon. I had said a butterfly dog with butterfly ears. LOL He was half right.
    PS I love that name!

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