Qing Qing the Puppy


Qing Qing (晴晴) is a purebred Japanese Spitz, born on 6th September 2013. His father is Simba, of IMAG Japanese Spitz, based in North California. His mother is Iku, and came from Korea. He was born in a litter of 4, 2 males and 2 females. A sister stayed with the Mom, and a sister lives with the Dad.

Qing Qing is our first dog, the one we have been preparing for what feels like our whole lives. He has his issues and can be a brat but he will always be our heart dog.

Qing Qing’s name means clear and sunny skies in Mandarin Chinese. We named him so, in hopes that he will always have clear and sunlit skies to frolic in!


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