A Day in Sacramento

On our way back from Tahoe, we decided to stop for a day in Sacramento to break up the long drive and check out the state’s Capital.

Sacramento is actually quite dog friendly!

We started off with a visit to Nimbus Fish Hatchery where dogs were allowed to enter the enclosed area with the fish runways. In fact, dogs were allowed pretty much anywhere except the visitor center.

12278880_10153179519098639_8165673998849808606_n (1)

QQ standing up to check out the fishes

QQ was typically interested and wanted to see everything, frequently standing up on his hindlegs if he was too short. Chyler, on the other hand, didn’t want to go near any bodies of water. She refused to go near the fish run, maybe it was the sound of rushing water that scared her so? Β I ended up having to carry her most of the time so her leash don’t create barriers for other people to trip over.


QQ checking out the fish ladder, where salmons swim against the current

Next to the hatchery is the small trail to the river where we could see fishes in the wild. It was a beautiful walk filled with fall colors.


You can really see the fishes flapping near the shore, the river was filled with fish.

On the other side of the hatchery is one of the gateways to the American River Parkway. This trail leads all the way to the downtown historic district in Old Sacramento. It’s about 23 miles though and we weren’t heroic enough to try it. Instead, we walked for awhile and opted to drive to Old Sacramento. It was a pretty nice walk with occasional views of the river.


QQ checking out Chyler


QQ checking out the river view

Nimbus Hatchery was a very interesting stop for us. Not only did we get to visit a fish hatchery, we also got to try out two different trails. We are used to taking the dogs hiking, but this was the first time we took them to a hatchery, which was a different learning experience indeed.

After checking out the fish hatchery, we drove to Old Sacramento for lunch. Old Sacramento is dog friendly enough to have several restaurants with open patios that welcome dogs. We chose a ramen place. After lunch, we decided to walk down to the historic waterfront district.


At the historic waterfront promenade, which runs along the historic railroad


We walked from Tower Bridge to the other trailhead of the American River Parkway. It was a pretty walk. The waterfront promenade was lined with fall foliage and the views of the river was gorgeous.


QQ wanted a closer look at the pretty fall tree

We also walked around some of the historic streets and stores which were all decked up for the holidays.


Overall, we had a very nice day in Sacramento, not a bad stopover on the way to or from Tahoe!

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