Tasty Tuesday – Dehydrated Papaya Treats

Sometimes food failures can become lucky accidents.

I should have that line printed and framed in my kitchen. I’m never the type to follow recipes and often do things on a whim. In the kitchen, that can be frustrating. I either create some delicious dish I cannot recreate because I don’t remember exactly what I did, or I produce something just this side of edible. But sometimes, there are lucky accidents.

The other day, I was dehydrating kale in the kitchen. We have the Nesco 4 layer dehydrator, but I only had enough kale to fill 3 and a half layers. I hate to run the dehydrator half full because it always feels a little wasteful. Just that morning, we bought a huge ass papaya from the supermarket and I was thinking it will be difficult to finish it before it spoil. So I thought, why not try making dehydrated papaya? I’ve never tried it before. So I sliced thin slices of papaya enough to fill about 1 and a half layer of the dehydrator and ran the dehydrator for approximately 4 hours.

papaya 1

For some reason, I thought the papaya slices will come out crunchy, like the kale. But it ended up being more leathery. It was tough to chew. Perhaps I needed to leave it in dehydrator longer. Both the husband and I didn’t like it. But the dogs loved it!

papaya 2

The fact that it was leathery and chewy meant they didn’t finish it in seconds. It takes both of them few minutes to consume. And I love the fact that it’s a single ingredient treat and made from nothing but pure papaya. No sugar and no preservatives. And each slice is very thin so there’s limited calories. I keep it on hand and give both doggies maybe 2 to 3 throughout the day.

Papaya is a good source of enzymes and helps to break down and digest proteins. It’s also a good source of fiber and vitamin A.

This is a relatively easy home made treat to make. The only difficult thing is slicing the papaya thinly. If the slices come out too thick it won’t dehydrate properly, or it might take longer to dehydrate.

QQ even does tricks for it.

papaya 3



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