Wordless Wednesday – Fireworks

So July 4th happened, and there were fireworks.


This was our first July 4th with Chyler. We didn’t think much about it, mostly because QQ isn’t affected by fireworks at all. And Chyler tends to be more mellow than QQ.


Also, in the weeks leading up to July 4th, we’ve heard random fireworks going off. Chyler seemed a little agitated, but all she did was run up to the loft where the husband usually works.

On July 4th, we decided to watch a movie in the evening. As the skies darkened, the fireworks started. We are about 5 miles away from where the city sets off the fireworks. It wasn’t especially loud, but the popping noises were pretty distinct. Chyler started to look agitated. She ran around the house searching for a perfect hiding spot. She tried hiding behind the TV, in the corner behind the fireplace, in the closet upstairs in the loft and finally decided on the below spot.

Yep. Apparently this is the safest spot in the house. Behind the porcelain throne. We tried holding her “thundershirt” style and we tried wrapping her in thick blankets. But she’ll struggle to run back to the perfect spot she found. Finally we decided to let her be, until it was time for bed. Then we coaxed her out and crated her. She never made a squeak though, and quickly settled down on her blankets in the crate.


The next day on July 5th, we heard more fireworks go off. The moment I heard the fireworks, I searched for her. And low and behold, I found her in her perfect hiding spot again. I didn’t want her to make a habit of this, so I closed the bathroom door and set her on the bed. She stayed there for awhile and looked comfortable. Then I left the bedroom to get a drink of water and when I returned, I couldn’t find her anywhere. I searched high and low, and finally found her here.

She managed to squeeze herself into the small cabinet next to the bed. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…

Meanwhile, during all this drama, where was QQ?

Yep. Spread out in the middle of the living room, wondering why we were making a fuss over some popping noises.

These two are so different I wonder how they can be considered to belong to the same species! Did anyone else experience similar drama or non-drama during the 4th?

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