Black & White Sunday – May/June ’15 Finances

Half a year passed by in a blink. Is it  just me or is this year zooming by? I feel a little despondent. Mostly because it’s time to round up our finances again.


Lepto Vaccine (Chyler): $31

Supplements: $201.55

Vet Visit: $101.6

Acne Products: $44.91

Total for health these two months is $379.06. This wasn’t as bad as the last round but still awful.

Chyler needed a booster for the lepto vaccination as she never had it before. We also discovered in May that QQ has a luxating pateller. We noticed on four separate occasions that he will suddenly lift up his right hind leg after running vigorously. Each time, we picked him up and stretched his leg a couple of times to make sure it wasn’t a sprain. We set him down, and he will resume running normally. I called a vet chiropractor to ask if we should bring him in. The vet chiropractor said it sounded like pateller luxation. So we made an appointment with our regular vet and she diagnosed him with a Grade 3 pateller luxation. Although QQ’s pateller was quite loose, she said it didn’t seem to affect QQ very much, and she doesn’t suggest that we consider surgery at all. She had us add an additional joint supplement (Doggeviti) and think we should double the dose of Connectin that we were already feeding. Thus, I stocked up on a few months worth of joint supplements. Since we doubled the dosage of Connectin and added Doggeviti to the mix, we haven’t seen another incident of QQ’s pateller popping loose. Hopefully his grade of pateller luxation will reduce the next time we bring him in to the vet!

When playing with the dogs (rolling around on the floor with them), I noticed that both the dogs have a little bit of acne on their chin. I was so shocked. I had no idea that dogs get acne. I suspect that it’s because we add additional oil in their food (we rotate between pollack oil, salmon oil, coconut oil, olive oil and flaxseed oil). Sometimes when eating the oil gets on their chin and that might cause the acne breakout. I bought some anti-bacterial wipes and also a acne shampoo. The acne disappeared quite quickly after using these products. We had to be careful though as these products are very drying. I noticed Chyler’s chin showing a bit of redness when we used the wipe twice a day on her. I stopped the moment the acne showed signs of clearing up.


Waterbowls/ChuckIt Balls: $17.99

PoopBags: $20.15

Toothpaste: $8.71

Grooming total comes to $46.85

We have a portable waterbowl that we used to hydrate the dogs when outside. It gets pretty banged up because we hook it to the QQ’s leash. We’ve been using it for close to a year already and decided it’s time to replace it. We bought two replacements. QQ only has one Chuck It ball and we have been using it for a year too.  It went through ALOT. It was recently stolen by a big dog at the dog park and when returned, it was entirely unrecognizable. We decide to leave it at the dog park and buy a set of replacements.

I usually buy poopbags by the bulk, and the last time we bought it was also near to a year ago. Time for another set of 1000 poopbags! We are also starting to run low on toothpaste so I bought another tube.

Food & Treats

Stella & Chewy’s Carnivore Crunch: $26


Tripe treats: $21.37

K9 Naturals: $348.77

Food and treats came to total of $486.14.

I’m trying to find high value treats that can help us to train QQ in reducing his reactivity. I tried Stella & Chewy’s Carnivore Crunch because it’s freeze dried raw. A note in case people haven’t received the news yet, Stella & Chewy’s are recalling a range of their products due to possible exposure to other foods contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. Their Chicken and Turkey Carnivore Crunch is included in the list of products recalled. Luckily, the ones I bought are beef and salmon. I bought these in early May and the dogs have already finished them. But I would avoid buying Stella & Chewy’s for awhile. I also don’t see QQ showing exceptional preference for these treats either and I don’t like how they crumble into powder easily so it’s likely I won’t repurchase this treat in the future either.

I also bought two different types of freeze dried tripe treats as well. I think if these still don’t work, then there doesn’t exist a treat high value enough to distract QQ from his triggers. As it turns out, QQ do seem to pay these tripe treats more attention then he does the other types of treats, but he still doesn’t focus on them as much as we wish he will…

I bought a six month Barkbox groupon awhile back and decided to finally put it to use as we are running low on treats. I activated it in May and thus we will receive a box monthly until November. I really like to surprise of opening a box of treats every month with the dogs!

We finished all the dry dog food we have and needed to buy some more when we took the dogs on a 3 day weekend trip in June when the grandparents visited. I’ve heard a lot of good things about K9 Naturals from the people working at Pet Food Express. One of them said his dog makes the smallest poop ever when he was on K9 Naturals. I have to agree. QQ and Chyler’s poop has always been pretty solid and small as they are on a raw diet, but their poop became even tinier when they were on K9 Naturals! I took advantage of Pet Food Express’s buy 3 get 1 free deal and bought 4 4 lb boxes in varying proteins which should last quite awhile. They finished the venison box in one month.



Insurance as usual is $101.98 for two months, bringing the total for these two months to $1014.03. This brings the running average for 2015 to $671.48. Yep. Still over budget. And we are due for another daycare package next month so I don’t foresee the average dropping. No wonder Chyler looks sad.




But maybe we should take a leaf from QQ’s book. We get to have fun life experiences and cuddle time with our dogs this long weekend.  Why let some numbers bring us down?

Here’s hoping everyone had a good Fourth of July!

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2 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday – May/June ’15 Finances

    • oh they are definitely worth it, but I do wish we don’t have any more incidents like the root canal or the pateller luxation the next half of the year!

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