Wordless Wednesday – Spring Flowers

spring flowers

Spring wildflowers are dying but we were lucky enough to still see some on a weekend hike.

I love the way Chyler is looking at QQ in this photo! It’s been approximately half a year since we adopted Chyler and I really think the relationship between Chyler and QQ has grown by leaps and bounds. They don’t play together often, but they cuddle. QQ lets Chyler eat out of his bowl, even to the extent of eating food he really love. In fact, we have to watch Chyler to make sure she doesn’t overeat! When feeding treats, if we look at QQ and say “This is for Chyler”, he’ll sit back and let Chyler take it. Chyler looks for QQ often, and sometimes prefers to stay in the same room as QQ even if both humans are in another room. QQ can still be a jerk and he sometimes deliberately run and knock Chyler over. But it’s like how a brother can be a jerk. Chyler chases him away and doesn’t take any of his nonsense. QQ’s separation anxiety has improved a lot since they build up a relationship. We can leave both of them alone for up to 30 mins and they remain calm. All in all, we are really happy with the bond they are building. Two dogs may not always be better than one, but in our case, we are grateful for our little girl and the way she adds to our family. #multipetmania

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14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Spring Flowers

    • Thank you! I love it because of the expression on Chyler face. I know I’m probably anthropomorphizing, but I can’t help feel that she’s looking at QQ with love.

  1. It’s always a little scary adding another pet to the family, wondering how it will work out. I’m so glad it’s going well with your two! I love the wildflower photos.
    Thank you for joining our blog hop!

    • Yes, we feel really lucky that the two of them get on so well. We took QQ to meet any shelter dog we were interested in adopting, and he has lots of practice with our foster dogs. But even so, we were apprehensive.

    • Yes, I’ve read and heard about dogs that don’t get along and I was very apprehensive. But we got lucky! They are getting along a little too well though, Chyler is picking up some of QQ’s bad habits 😦

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