Black & White Sunday and March – April, ’15 Finances

It looks like my monthly finances posts are becoming every-other-month-ly posts.

I was so caught up with completing the A to Z challenge that I entirely forgot about doing March’s finance post, and now the A to Z challenge is done and it’s a brand new month, I might as well combine both months together.

This couple of months isn’t going to be pretty, primarily because of QQ’s root canal procedure, which I talked about here.

Here’s the breakdown.


QQ’s root canal: $960.12

Lepto Vaccinations: $62

Probiotics: $27.99


Health alone this two months is a whopping $1080.11!

Like I talked about in the root canal post, QQ’s procedure was going to cost us $2300. Luckily we had insurance. But with the deductible and because we had a 80% plan, we still had to pay $960.12 out of pocket. But I’m not complaining because we did make the choice of which plan to take, and insurance did take care of a big piece of the total bill.

We realized QQ didn’t get his Lepto vaccination this year although he did get it last year. We debated for awhile and decided that we go hiking frequently enough and QQ have the tendency to taste weird and strange stuff, it’s safer to get the vaccination. We got it for both QQ and Chyler at our community vet clinic because it’s cheaper. Chyler will need a booster next month because she never got it before.

We have not been feeding any prebiotics or probiotics to either of our dogs before, but we thought it’s better to start now. After doing some research, we decided to go with FullBucket which is supposed to have both prebiotics and probiotics in it. I also decided to start the dogs on In Clover Connectin Joint Support which is a joint supplement. QQ has always been so active and both of them run and jump a lot which is hard on their joints. We’ve fed them both supplements for a couple of weeks now, mixing it in with their food. They both appear to have no objections whatsoever. I’m also adding tumeric in to their daily diet.


Tripe: $36.89

We made no major food purchase this couple of months, which means we are probably due a major food purchase next month in May. We did buy three rolls of green tripe to supplement their raw diet though. I talked about tripe in this post.


Poopbag holder: $10.04

Chyler’s harness: $8

Seat belt hook: $5

The remaining items are just random items. The husband has somehow managed to lose our three, THREE, poopbag holders all within the last month, so we had to go out and buy a new one. We like to hook a poopbag holder on our leash so we never find ourselves without a poopbag when we need one. I used to like hooking one poopbag per leash for both Chyler and QQ, although we rarely take them out separately so essentially we only need to hook it on one of their leashes. But now that I realized the husband cannot be trusted with the poopbag holders, I decided it’s better to just use one, so as to reduce the possibility of losing more holders, and to keep an extra roll of poopbags in my bag.

Chyler have always only had the one hand-me-down harness from QQ’s puppy days. She wears it day in and day out and it’s beginning to smell, especially after she got it wet a few times when she chased seabirds into the waves. QQ had two so he can switch out. We decided it’s time to buy another harness for Chyler so she can switch too and we can put her harness into the wash. We also decided to buy a seat belt hook for her, we used to only have one.


Insurance for two months is $101.98


And that brings the total for March and April to $1242.02. That brings the running average for 2015 to approximately $660. Which is still way over our goal for the year… But what can you do with unexpected accidents like chipping a tooth? I’m trying to make myself feel better that at least whatever QQ had was fixable.


And now for the fun part of the post, Black & White Sunday.


We took this at an off leash park we recently discovered. It had this sculpture consisting of silver poles with a wave like formation. I love the play of shadows on the ground. I thought it looked really cool!

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