A to Z Challenge: Y is for Yogurt

The weather has been heating up the past few days and it hit 30 degrees Celsius (95F) yesterday. Looks like someone ordered summer early. The hot days reminded me of how I used to make icy treats for QQ last summer with different fruits and yogurt, and I thought that it’s probably a good time to start making these again. And this fit in nicely with our topic for Y day – Y is for Yogurt!

Yogurt was one of the first training treats we used with QQ. He really loves it. With yogurt cup in hand, he’ll learn to do different tricks just for a lick at a yogurt coated finger. I also really like how versatile yogurt is – we can blend it with things and freeze them for different flavors of frozen treats for him. Since the weather got cooler, I’ve stopped making these treats so we didn’t have any left in the freezer. I usually like to give the dogs these treats out on the patio so they don’t make a mess indoors when the treats melt. Seeing as we are in for warmer weather, I decided to make a fresh batch.

These are the ingredients I used today and the toys I used to freeze the yogurt in. There’s a kong, the Tizzi, the Toppl and a little pocket bone we got in a barkbox.


QQ is clearly interested in what’s going on

I usually prefer to blend the yogurt with various fruits or vegetables. I sometimes also like to add in some dehydrated beef liver dust. However, we didn’t have a lot of fruits on hand today and the husband finished all the beef treats (as in he used them all in the morning walk, not that he ate them), so I decided to make peanut butter flavored yogurt treats. I only had flavored yogurt on hand, but FAGE yogurt has separate compartments for the peach puree and the plain yogurt. I didn’t use the peach puree as that contains too much sugar. I only used plain yogurt. We bought the unsalted peanut butter with the dogs in mind.



I used a whisk and whisked a scoop of peanut butter together with the yogurt in a bowl. Then I stuffed the toys with the mixture. I mostly used my fingers to stuff it in – using the spoon was a little difficult, especially with the small toys. I also popped in some blueberries for added interest.

After most of the mixture was used, here came the doggies favorite part – licking the bowl clean.


QQ’s intense stare while he waits for the okay to start licking. It almost looks like he’s eating the bowl with his eyes.


Chyler got to lick my fingers and I later gave her the spoons to lick too. She actually sat and waited first! Looks like we might be able to train her with yogurt as we did QQ.

And here’s the toys before the went into the freezer!



Looks like we are set for a few days!





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