A to Z Challenge: W is for West Paw Designs

I bought some West Paw toys for the dogs awhile ago and I’ve been meaning to do a review for some time now, and what better time than to match up with W of the A to Z Challenge?

W is for West Paw Designs!

We currently own four West Paw toys, a small Toppl, a big Toppl, a Hurley and a Tizzi.


All the toys we bought are made with Zogoflex, a recyclable plastic that is very durable. QQ chews his Tizzi very often and we have yet to see any noticeable bite marks. West Paw also offers a free one time replacement of all Zogoflex toys, which testifies to their confidence in the toy’s durability. All West Paw toys are made in USA, which aids in our peace of mind. The toys come in three bright colors – orange, light blue and light green.

The first toy we bought is the Tizzi and that remains QQ’s favorite. We have the small sized one in orange.


Tizzi with a piece of Plato Thinker Duck Stick stuffed inside.


The Tizzi has two “legs” that can be locked together and a small compartment that can be used to put treats. We usually stick a baby carrot or a slender stick-like treat into the compartment, “lock” the legs together and give it to QQ. It took him awhile in the beginning, but now he figured out how to “unlock” the legs pretty quickly. You can also choose to stuff it with wet food like yogurt or peanut butter and other treats and freeze it, but we haven’t tried that yet.


QQ waiting for the okay to start working on the Tizzi.


Another reason QQ loves the Tizzi is that the two “legs” make it a perfect tug toy. He bites onto one leg and I hold the other and we can play tug this way. He sometimes brings it over just for us to play tug.

The Tizzi is the only toy out of the 4 West Paw toys we have that QQ will chew and play with even if there’s no treats in it. I’m not sure if it’s the shape of it that attracts him? But it’s definitely his favorite out of the 4.

I bought the two different sized Toppl together because they can be snapped together to form a puzzle toy. However, the two toys make for perfect “puzzle treat bowls” for Chyler and QQ that I regularly use it to give them the occasional snack, and thus I don’t use them combined frequently enough. The Toppls have ridges within that makes it easy to tuck treats within that the dogs have to spend some time to get out, if you use correctly sized treats, you can make them pretty snug and it do take the dogs some time. You can also make it even harder by freezing the treats with some yogurt or broth.


Chyler’s Toppl with small bits of Plato Thinker Duck Sticks tucked inside. They fit so snugly that if I pick up the Toppl and flip it over, they won’t fall out.



The Toppl is the only toy that Chyler will play with.

Chyler's first time playing with a toy! #westpawdesign

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Previously we tried other puzzle toys as reviewed here with Chyler, and she tends to just ignore the toy even though it’s filled with treats. She doesn’t touch any of the other soft toys or ball toys that we have lying all over the house. QQ isn’t protective of his toys at all – random dogs take his balls all the time at the dog park and so do our foster dogs or dogs we dogs sit – so that’s not the reason. She just doesn’t play with toys. Except the small green Toppl. The size is perfect for her. She carries it around in her mouth as she works on it, moving to different corners of the room. Sometimes when she’s done with it, she even goes over to QQ’s big blue Toppl and give it a few licks.


QQ and Chyler each with their own Toppl


But if I snap the two Toppl together, only QQ plays with it to get the treats out. Chyler sometimes follows behind up, snatching up the occasional treat that QQ missed. Devious girl, making QQ do all the hard work.


Two Toppl snapped together



The last toy I bought is the blue Hurley. I bought the small size. They have it in XS, S and L, so small is the medium size actually. It’s too big for Chyler, but a good size for QQ if he wants to chew it.


QQ with his Hurley


This is a toy that is shaped like a bone. It’s meant for chewing and fetching. It’s also the most ignored of all the West Paw toys we have. I gave it to QQ the day it arrived and he pretty much left it alone for a few days. He did chew it maybe two times since but he greatly prefer the Tizzi. Since the material is the same, and so is the texture, I have to say that it’s probably because of the shape and the fact that there’s no secret compartment for treats. I’m not sure how to entice him to pay it more attention!


Overall, I highly recommend the West Paw Zogoflex toys. They are of a good quality and the Tizzi and Toppl are very innovative in design.






7 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: W is for West Paw Designs

  1. We’re big fans of West Paw Designs. It’s one of the few brands that stand up to our strong chewers 🙂

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