A to Z Challenge: T is for Tripe

We feed QQ and Chyler a commercial raw diet. Our main staple is Darwin, but we occasionally try other raw brands. We’ve tried Primal, Stella & Chewy’s and Ziwipeak and I have my eye on a couple other brands.

But irregardless of what brand we feed, I like to supplement it with green tripe every few months.

I no longer remember exactly how I came across the information on green tripe. It’s usually referred to as super food for dogs. Tripe is basically the stomach lining of animals such as buffalo or sheep. The green tripe we feed is the uncleaned version. It’s virtues are frequently extolled by raw feeders. It’s a great source of digestive enzymes and beneficial bacterias. Tripe is supposed to purify and cleanse the blood, remove toxins, improve metabolism and boost the immune system.

I mainly feed it to QQ and Chyler because they really, really love it. Mostly because it really, really stinks.

QQ has always been healthy and active. He has been on a raw diet his entire life, and I do think feeding him tripe has helped a great deal. He rarely has any digestive issues – unless he ate something like horse poop. Then we can probably expect diarrhea the next day. Chyler’s activity level gradually improved in the months since she joined our family. I think it’s mostly because she started to come out of her shell, but I think the healthier diet likely had something to do with it. Chyler transited really quickly to the raw diet. I started by mixing some of the kibble she has been eating together with raw Ziwipeak. By the second day, she refused to touch the kibble and will only pick out Ziwipeak. After two months of Ziwipeak, I started feeding her some Darwin. She never had a day of diarrhea.

Tripe can be difficult and/or expensive to buy. Green tripe should only be eaten raw, so they are usually sold frozen. There’s rarely any discounts on shipping and rates go up by weight. So shipping costs are usually exorbitant. I once paid $21 dollars for 5 lbs of tripe. $10 went to shipping, almost 50% of what I paid!

Luckily, I found a somewhat local place that sells tripe. It’s a 1 hour car ride away, but shipping will cost $35 for what I planned on buying so I always just drive and buy 15 lbs at one time. I would buy more but for lack of freezer space.

The tripe comes in frozen rolls of 5 lbs each. I usually break one roll out every 2 months or so and feed it regularly until that roll is done.


Three different types of tripe. 100% green tripe, green tripe with trachea and gullet, and the company’s special product, XKALIBER. Green Tripe, Muscle Meat, Heart, Tongue, Trachea/Gullet and Ground Bone

When picked up, the rolls are frozen solid. I leave it out for awhile, then while it’s still somewhat solid in the center, I slice them into sections and divide them into zip lock bags.


I leave one bag out and I keep the rest in the freezer.

Out of the three types of green tripe I buy, XKALIBER can be fed on its own. For the 100% green tripe and green tripe with trachea and gullet, I usually mix it in with whatever the dogs are eating, usually it’s Darwin. I also mix in some vegetables and fruits.


Example meal 1. Green Tripe, Darwin, Strawberries and Blackberries


Example meal 2: Green tripe, Darwin, Carrot top and Kale.

I usually also mix in some pollock oil. In the morning, we add extra stuff like PlaqueOff.


The dogs clearly love it! They finish everything and lick the plates clean.

I’ve been on a hunt for a high value treat that can entice QQ to pay attention to us irregardless of whatever walks by so as to reduce his reactivity. I’m leaning towards making our own dehydrated treats. If I could make dehydrated tripe treats I’m quite sure the dogs will go crazy over them – it’ll be the ultimate high value treat. BUT…. it’ll also stink up the house like no other. I’m not sure if it’ll be worth it!


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