A to Z Challenge: Q is for Qing Qing

Q will always be for Qing Qing.

qq puppy

QQ, taken in the first week.

Qing Qing is our heart dog. For awhile, I thought it will be unfair for us to get another dog because I don’t think either one of us, the husband or I, can ever love another dog as much as we love Qing Qing. Qing Qing is the center of our lives, he always have the highest priority. We reschedule our work lives as much as we can so someone can be home majority of the time. Our weekends are planned around his best benefit. We don’t travel unless we can bring him along. In fact, we were considering getting another dog because we wanted a companion dog for him. We ended up adopting Chyler and we do love her so, but I admit there are frequent times that I felt we weren’t paying enough attention to her. Luckily, Chyler isn’t shy about pushing herself forward if she feels we aren’t giving her enough attention, something I’m so glad of.

For today’s post, I thought it would be fun to disclose a little not-so-known secret. I talked about the meaning of Qing Qing’s name in his About page. Qing Qing’s name means clear and sunny skies in Mandarin Chinese. What I didn’t say was that this is actually a very feminine name. Basically, it’s a girl’s name. The thing is, I originally thought we were getting a female puppy. We had reservations for a girl pup in the Spring litter, but fate and circumstances made it that we had to give that particular litter a miss. When the next litter came round in Winter, no girl pups was available. The breeder gave me a choice, I could get a boy pup with this litter, or wait for the next litter and see if there’s any girl pups. But we had waited for six months by then and there’s no guarantee there’s even going to be a girl the next litter – Japanese Spitz tend to have very small litters. So I decided that we are getting a puppy, girl or boy.

However, I had already named our future puppy Qing Qing when we reserved our first pup, and we talked about it all the time during the six months of waiting and referred to our puppy as Qing Qing the entire period. We got used to the name and it was so difficult to think of our pup with any other name, so we decided to just stick with it. As a result, friends and family that speak Chinese constantly thought that Qing Qing is a female puppy. It didn’t help that I occasionally dress him up with flowers. It’s lucky that dogs don’t get identity crisis or I think it’s very likely that QQ will grow up confused.

qq flower

Look at this and say you don’t see a pretty little girl.

But girl or boy, QQ is our baby. And he will always be our baby, our heart dog. The dog we will always love most of all.


2 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: Q is for Qing Qing

    • haha, yep! This was one post that I knew the topic of, before I even decided to do the A to Z!

      I’m having trouble coming up with ideas for X and Z though…

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