A to Z Challenge: O is for Ocean

Given QQ’s greatest love of his life, the theme for O came pretty easily.

O is naturally for Ocean, of course.

The first time we took QQ to the beach, he was a little apprehensive of the waves. He would go up to the edge of the water and sniff it, but if the waves came rolling in, he’ll run away.

ocean 01

QQ’s first time seeing the Pacific Ocean.

It didn’t take him long to realize that the waves are nothing to be afraid of. He learnt to get his paws wet, letting the waves splash in and out, while he stood standing his ground.

ocean 1

And pretty soon, running in and out of the waves became the funnest game ever.

ocean 3

Finding friends to run around with in and out of the waves certainly helped.

ocean 2

And when it comes to the time to leave, it’s always sad.

ocean 4

I’m so happy that QQ loves the ocean because I personally love the ocean. The fact that the beach is both our favorite places is something we can share forever. I look forward to many more days of romping fun at the beach and sunset walks, listening to the roar of the ocean and feeling the sand and waves beneath the soles (and paws) of our feet.


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