A to Z Challenge: N is for Nieces and Nephews

This February, we received news from QQ’s breeder that QQ’s sister had a litter of 4 puppies. We were so excited and I immediately asked if we could visit when the puppies were a little bigger. She kindly said yes, so we made plans to visit in early March when the puppies were 5 weeks old.

When I talked about the visit to friends, I said we were visiting QQ’s nieces and nephews. My friends laughed and said it made QQ sound like a human being. I guess to us, QQ is so much a part of our family. But honestly, I’m not sure if there’s any other way to refer to the puppies and their connection to QQ?

Anyway, referring to these cute puppies as QQ’s nieces and nephews allows me to use up the alphabet N and do a puppy spam for a post. After all, who doesn’t love puppies?

First up, some photos of the proud Mama.

somi 2


somi 1

Can you see the similarities in features?

This is the second time we’ve met Somi. We’ve did a playdate together with QQ and Simba, QQ’s Dad when QQ was six months old. This time round, Somi and QQ are about 1.5 years old. For a new Mom, Somi is still incredibly sociable. She wasn’t overly defensive over the fact that we were handling her puppies. She had a little bit of food aggression, but as a Mom that’s still nursing, she’s entitled. She reminded me so much of QQ! Both of them have the same way of hopping  up on your lap enthusiastically to shower you with love and affection. I actually accidentally called her QQ once when she took me by surprise.

puppies 4

When we first arrived, the puppies were all hiding behind the sofa in a corner. Reenie (QQ’s breeder), dragged them out for us to handle.

 puppies 6

Don’t they look like fluffy white polar bears? I apologize in advance for the deluge of blurry photos. It’s extremely difficult to take clear shots of puppies. They haven’t learnt to stay yet!

puppies 1

I wanted to squish all of them up and take them home. They were a little nervous at first, but they soon settled down on our laps. One of them even fell asleep!

puppies 2

Both QQ didn’t pay much attention to the puppies. Chyler was quite disorientated with the multitude of small puppies and look shell shocked when the puppies came near her.

puppies 5

puppy creeping up to Chyler. Not exactly the way to win a girl’s heart.

puppies 3

Chyler with a deer-in-headlights expression. What is this thing and why is it sniffing me?

puppies 7


Because QQ was born in LA, we were not able to visit when he was a tiny puppy. The earliest we saw him was when he was 8 weeks old when we picked him up to bring him home. When I look at these fluff face, I imagined that this was likely what he was like at 5 weeks old.


puppies 8

Yep, that’s QQ and Chyler in the background. QQ is busy sniffing the ground. Chyler looks like she’s readying herself to defend against the invasion of puppies


puppies 9

puppies 10


I have no words to describe their adorableness. It took all my restraint to stop myself from stealing one home. I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as we enjoyed our visit!


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