A to Z Challenge: K is for Kiss

We kiss our dogs. We kiss them on the top of their head, on their noses, on their lips.

And we allow our dogs to kiss us. They lick our faces, our mouths, our hands, any part of us that they can reach actually.

Many people, including our family members, told us that we shouldn’t do it. It’s not hygienic. Dogs transmits germs, diseases. You don’t know what they last licked. You don’t know what they last ate.

Well, it’s true to a certain extent. We brush our dogs’ teeth every night. But I know QQ can never resist licking the floor or eating anything they find off the floor. QQ, for one, has ate horse poop before. Chyler, thank goodness, has  a more discriminating taste.

We try to watch the dogs all the time, mostly to prevent them from eating anything they shouldn’t. Because he usually gets diarrhea or throws up after. And if he does something like eating horse poop, I make sure not to kiss him until he has his teeth brushed three times.  And believe me, we brushed his teeth three times that night.

But other than those instances, I simply cannot resist kissing my dogs. And I love it when they kiss me back. QQ has this careful way of kissing us when he greets us when we come home. He licks our mouth gently two times. It makes me feel so loved.

kiss 1

I will say that I have read articles that said it’s actually healthy to kiss your dogs. It builds up your immune system.

I don’t know how true that is, but I do know that after a year and a half of kissing QQ and allowing him to lick us, we haven’t fell ill to anything that he could have gave us. We did have flu once each, but that was during flu season and I think it was more likely we got it from our work colleagues, none of which we kissed.


I think kissing your dogs is a personal choice. Some people loves their dogs but don’t kiss them. And that’s good. But some people love their dogs and do kiss them, and that’s not a bad thing either.


We choose to kiss our dogs. And therefore, K is for Kiss.


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