A to Z Challenge: J is for Joy

After the downer that was yesterday’s post, I decided that today is suitable for something more uplifting.

When talking to friends that ask me what it’s like to have a dog, I usually tell them the bad stuff first. Because someone’s gotta say it. Getting a puppy? Prepare for nights of waking up every 2 hours for pee and poop runs. And pee and poop everywhere. Lots of clean ups. Adopting a dog? Prepare for the loss of your freedom. We don’t travel anywhere we can’t take our dogs. I will admit, we are the extreme case. We center our lives around our dogs. The first year we got QQ, we didn’t eat at a restaurant unless it had a patio that allowed dogs. We were prepared to NEVER eat at a restaurant unless it had a patio that allowed dogs, because QQ’s separation anxiety was so severe. Luckily, we got Chyler and now QQ and Chyler can remain calm enough in the car when we go into a restaurant. But we still check on them every 15 minutes because we are paranoid.

But this post is not about that. This post is about why all of the above are worth it. And why if you never considered getting dogs, you should. Because they bring us so much happiness and joy.

J is for Joy, the joy that these dogs bring into our lives. For every difficult and frustrating thing they do, they make it up ten times over with laughter and love.

Joy comes in little things.

It’s Chyler jumping on on the sofa to be near me when I’m working on my laptop.

It’s QQ running to me with the widest grin on his face when I call his name.

It’s turning your head when taking a shower to see Chyler’s face poking out from the shower curtain.

It’s QQ coming in to wrap himself around your legs when you are in the bathroom. Yes, my dogs have no sense of privacy.

Joy is seeing their faces.

Or sometimes, you don’t even need to see their faces.


For me, this photo epitomizes Joy.


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