A to Z Challenge: G is for Gamble Garden

Spring time is one of my favorite seasons, simply because of the colorful bursts of blooming flowers.

My Mom is a huge lover of gardens. When growing up, I never had the patience to enjoy gardens with her. For some reason, I always had something better to do. When she did succeed in pulling me to join her for walks in the gardens, I always had an eye on my watch, and kept trying to make her walk faster.

However, now that  I live halfway across the globe from her, at a somewhat older age, I’ve learnt to appreciate the beauty in nature. During spring, I visit different gardens every weekend and sometimes if I don’t have work, I spend the entire day at a garden, book on my lap, soaking in the scents and colors.

Since getting QQ, I had to greatly reduce my garden visits, simply because many of my favorite gardens do not allow dogs.

I’m lucky that one of my favorite gardens welcome dogs on leash.

Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden is a small little garden that is like an oasis in a small town. It’s meditatively quiet. And during spring, there are riots of colors in their flowerbeds. They also have a rose garden and a cherry allee, as well as a wisteria garden.

We visit a few times every spring and this is where QQ learnt to sit and stay for me to take photographs. I call him my floral model. This year is the second year into QQ’s model career. Looking back, it’s amazing how he has grown in the year, and I thought it would be fun to do some photo comparisons.

Let’s take a look at the first year.

QQ gamble year 1a

QQ’s first time as a floral model. You can tell he is inexperienced. Even the tulips are taller than him.

QQ gamble year 2a

Not quite sure where to look. Why am I being forced to sit here?

qq gamble year 1b

What is this? Can I eat it? No posture and no focus.

qq gamble year 1d

He even hides from the camera!


And now we enter the second year.


QQ’s 2nd year as a model with the same tulips. Look at that confidence! Look at that pose! This is no model greenhorn anymore.

Picture perfect!

qq gamble year 2d

Climbing trees for a picture? No problem. I’m a professional now.

qq gamble year 2e

And we even have a model in training now in Chyler. This photograph actually highlights how much of a pro QQ is now, compared to Chyler.


These photographs really shows us how much QQ have grown and changed over the year. It’s a fun way to look back.

Posing QQ against flowers, or other beautiful scenery is a great way to record memories and take amazing photographs at the same time. I also find that it’s a great way to train QQ to “stay”. It was very difficult at first, but after many treats and repetitive attempts, QQ now can sit patiently waiting for me to take his photo from varying angles, given there aren’t any passing dogs to distract him. It’s a great way to train him and an unexpected reward. I don’t think we would have had the patience to reinforce his “stay” if it’s not because we wanted to take so many photos of him.

I can’t wait to see QQ’s third year as a floral model, and to see if Chyler gains QQ’s current confidence in her second year too!


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