A to Z Challenge: E is for Eye Envy Review

Chyler came to us with pretty bad eye stains. We tried giving her Only Natural Pet’s Pet Tears, which was effective in getting rid of QQ’s eye stains when he was a puppy (review here). However, it didn’t work for Chyler. Her eye stains seemed permanent.

chyler eyes

Chyler’s eyes before using Eye Envy.

I didn’t mind it really, she’s still a very pretty girl. But I still kept an eye out for any possible solution. I would love to see her with her eyes clear and stain-free.

I came across some posts on Instagram talking about Eye Envy and how it worked wonders for pets with watery eyes. So I decided to give it a try. We’ve used it for about a month on Chyler daily, so it’s time for a review. It helps that it matches up perfectly with our A to Z Challenge.

And so, E is for Eye Envy.


Unlike Pet Tears, or other Eye Stains preventive I am more familiar with, Eye Envy is applied topically.


There’s two parts to the product, but both can be used stand alone. The first is the solution. This is used to clean the area around the eyes. It’s applied with a pad. I read a review on Amazon that suggested using a non-woven pad, instead of a cotton pad because the cotton pad soaks up all the solution. The second part is a powder applied around the eyes. I think this powder is supposed to soak up the liquid the eye produces to prevent staining.

We’ve been using Eye Envy every night after brushing the doggies’ teeth. I don’t think I saw any major improvement. I am quite disappointed. I’ve decided to also start using it with her in the morning as well to see if that will help. The most improvement is seen immediately after application. I’m going to walk through the process here.


This is Chyler’s eyes when she wakes up in the morning. You can clearly see liquid.


I poured a little Eye Envy onto a non-woven pad and used this to wipe her eyes. It’s  important to use a different pad for each eye to prevent bacteria transferring from one eye to another.


This is after I wiped her eyes with the pad. You can see the fur around her eyes are wet, but the liquid is gone.


How the Eye Envy powder looks. Be careful when first opening the jar, it’s filled to the brim. Also be careful that the doggies don’t knock it over!


It’s easy to pick up the powder. I usually just dip my finger into the jar lightly and some powder will come out with the finger. Then I use the finger to rub around Chyler’s eyes, until all the wet fur feels dry.


And this is how Chyler’s eyes look after a fresh application of Eye Envy. As you can see, the stain around her eyes is lighter in color, but I think that’s mostly because the powder is white. The stain is never really gone altogether, just faded. I’m not sure if it’s possible to stop the staining altogether.

To be honest, I’m not sure if this is a product I will repurchase. I will definitely use it all up, but then I’ll likely continue to keep an eye out for other products.

Another thing we are doing is adding a bit of Apple Cider Vinegar to Chyler’s food, this is supposed to raise acidity in her body and makes it less prone to bacteria growth. QQ also gets a little bit in his food too. ACV is also aid in flea prevention.

Anyone else have any ideas on stopping severe eye stains?


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