Black & White Sunday and Black & White Finances

I missed doing the finances for January due to an overload of work, so I decided to combine Jan and Feb together for a post. And which better post to merge it than our weekly Black and White Sunday? After all, numbers are also black and white…

The beginning of the year is never good – vet visits and food replenishment etc always seem to be happen around this time, so sharing Jan with Feb gets a better average that’s not as scary…

I started grouping our expenditure into several groups, partly so we can see which are the groups we are spending more on. And also because it’s easier to list.

First up, Health & Grooming

  • Vet Visit: $186.95
  • Annual Registration: $75
  • Revolution: $163
  • Teeth Scraper/PlaqueOff/Eye Envy/Shampoo: $106.66
  • Coconut Oil: $45
  • Insurance: $101.98
  • Collar (QQ): $3.24
  • Grooming brushes: $22.02

Total: $703.85

QQ was due for his annual health visit. I don’t know why an annual visit cost so much… He did get a fecal test that came back entirely negative and the vet pronounced him as healthy as always, so there’s that. He also finished his annual dosage of Trifexis. We decided to switch to Revolution, which is what Chyler is using. QQ also don’t like the taste of Trifexis and we always have to crush it into a powder and mix in his food. Revolution is just easier all round. Both Chyler and QQ had to renew their pet registration with the county, so that fee is for two dogs.

We brush QQ’s teeth every night, and he gets 24 hour access to antler chews as well as a weekly marrow bone. But we are still seeing plaque/tartar build up. The vet said there’s no need for any teeth cleaning this time, and she doesn’t have any additional advice on what to do about the plaque accumulation other than what we are already doing. I went online and did some research and decided to buy a teeth scraper to manually scrap the plaque off. We also bought PlaqueOff. We’ve only tried PlaqueOff for a couple of days so I can’t say anything about how effective it is, but the teeth scraper is very effective! Chyler has quite significant tartar when we adopted her, and the scraper almost took everything off. QQ’s teeth also looks a lot better. I have to say that this is something that must be used with caution. It’s very sharp and it’s easy to poke the eye or the soft gums of the dog if the dog struggles. QQ is used to us poking around his mouth since he was a puppy so he’s very good about staying still. Chyler is a tiny little thing so it’s easy to hold her still. We only do it together so one of us can hold the dog and cover the eyes while the other one does the scrapping. We also do it little by little, a couple of minutes every week.

Chyler has quite severe eye stains. I’ve tried feeding her Only Natural Pet Pet Tears which we used to use for QQ, but it doesn’t seem to help at all. I read reviews of Eye Envy and decided to give it a try. We haven’t used it long enough to say how effective it is yet. We got another bottle of shampoo to try, but haven’t used it yet for any comments.

We give the dogs pollack oil regularly to help with their coat, but I decided to try giving the dogs coconut oil for a change as that’s supposed to help freshen their breath too. We haven’t tried it yet as we are still finishing up the salmon oil. I might try opening the coconut oil to alternate.

QQ’s old collars are getting stretched out, so I got him a new ID collar that was on sale after Christmas.

The slicker brush we are using is getting too small for QQ too, so I got a couple of new ones. We are still keeping the old one as it’s a perfect size for Chyler.

Insurance is for both dogs for two months.

The Health & Grooming sector is killing us these two months…


Next’s up, Food & Treats

  • Darwin: $167.19
  • Sea Jerky: $16.50
  • Okashi Barkery: $5.89

Total: $189.58

We finished our food around January, so we had to get a new shipment from Darwin. I got some interesting treats from Amazon called Sea Jerky. It’s 100% dried cod skins so it’s high in Omega 3. The dogs don’t get any fish in their regular diet, so I like that they get some in their treats. Okashi Barkery is a local dog bakery that I’ve been meaning to visit for awhile. I love that she sells local baked treats for the dogs. I got two small bags of treats, one spinach flavored, and one calamari flavored. These are such unique flavors and the dogs love them!


Last item is Daycare. We finished our package and I had to buy another one which costs a whopping $500. Last year we spent a total of $780 on daycare for QQ. Chyler didn’t go to daycare last year as we were worried she might be frightened.  This year, we are starting to send Chyler in to daycare with QQ as well as she’s getting more confident. But at the same time, we are also leaving both dogs together at home a couple of times to see how that works out. My hope is that we can do daycare once or twice a week for both dogs so they get to interact and socialize with other dogs and work out any pent up energy, but they stay home the remaining weekdays where they can just hang out with each other. This way we also keep daycare fees manageable.


So the total for Jan and Feb 2015 is $1393.43, which comes out to approximately $700 per month, which is waaaaaaaay over my budget. I am very despondent about this, but I do hope that now the vet visits/food replenishment/annual tick prevent/daycare package is out of the way, the next few months will be better.

And now for a serious Black and White photograph that kinda reflect my serious and black mood…


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