Monday Mischief – Winter Road Trip Final Part

This is the final part of our 6 part recount of our winter road trip. You can find Part 5 here.

Day 13 was also January 1st, the first day of 2015! Happy New Year! (2.5 months belated here)

This was an especially exciting day, because this is the day we visited Iku and Reenie, QQ’s Mom and baby sis.


Reenie taking a first sniff at her big brother.

We picked QQ up from LA on Nov 2nd, 2013, and this is the first time we’ve brought QQ back for a visit. So it’s been 1 year and 2 months. Amazing how times flies! Iku’s Mom and Dad were really happy, they kept saying how QQ was their favorite of the litter and how glad they were to be able to see how he turned out.


Reenie, QQ and Chyler sniffing around the front yard

On our end, we were very excited to meet Iku and Reenie too! Reenie looks almost exactly like QQ, it’s so amazing. Except Iku and Reenie both just had a bath, while QQ and Chyler were way past due for a bath. QQ especially have been rolling around in snow, sand and grass for the past two weeks. It doesn’t show all that much in the photos, but he looks positively yellow next to his fluffy and white relatives.


Three Japanese Spitz sit for a portrait shot. Chyler feels very left out indeed. In this indoor shot, you can clearly see how dirty QQ looks next to his sister and mom.

We spent over three hours visiting and were quite sad to leave. The dogs had a wonderful time running around the front yard before going in for treats. And then coming out to run around again.


Outdoor family shot. Reenie has the exact side profile as QQ, so many people guess that she is QQ when looking at this shot!

After we left Iku and Reenie’s house, we went to the nearby Arroyo Pescadero Park for a short hike.


QQ looking quite sassy on the hike

This is a 2 mile dog friendly loop hiking trail. Dogs must be on leash. We went around 4pm and met some dogs and families. It’s a easy trail, there’s some elevation, but nothing too difficult. The dogs were happy to get some walking in before the end of the day.

On Day 14 though, we did what I feel must be the best hike of all 2 weeks of our trip. We went to Runyon Canyon in LA.


Interesting graffiti art at the entrance of the trail

Runyon Canyon is off leash for dogs. It’s a moderate trail with quite a lot of elevation. Some parts of it was quite steep for us. But the views are amazing! And the dogs had so much fun. Not the entire trail is off leash though, some parts towards the summit isn’t. There are signs stating the off leash and leashed areas. I don’t think all the people follow the rules, but we decided to just stay within the off leash area as that’s quite a workout for us already. It took us about 2 hours to finish the off leash loop.


Chyler with a wide grin. She approves of this trail.

As the trail is a loop trail, you have a choice of going up either the flattish trail, or the steeper trail. I wished I knew this beforehand, as we went up the flattish trail. I think it would be easier to climb up the steep trail and come down the relatively gentle flat trail. Instead we stumbled most of the way down. By “we”, I meant the humans. The dogs have no issue running down like the wind.


Dogs ready to take off

Although we didn’t hike to the highest summit, the views we saw were gorgeous enough. We had a view of both Los Angeles skyscrapers and Hollywood.


QQ and the Hollywood sign

All in all, Runyon Canyon lives up to the expectations as one of the most popular off leash hiking choice in LA. We wish we live closer so we can do this hike regularly, but alas it was not to be.


Chyler takes one last look before leaving

Another reason we chose to stay in LA for a couple of days during our road trip was the food. LA is known for the many good food and the husband has been hankering to do a foodie road trip for awhile. While I like good food, I’m not really up to driving long distances just to eat, so I’ve been telling him no. But it’s easy to incorporate visiting some well known restaurants during our road trip. Since this is a doggie blog, I’m not going to spam a ton of food photos here. But here is QQ in front of the signage of one of the restaurants on our list.


This place serves a mean Chicken Cracklin sandwich! And it boasts patio seating so the dogs get to hang out with us while we dig in. They didn’t get to eat anything though. Hence QQ’s sulky look.

Day 15 is our last day before driving home, and we decided it was way past time to just relax. And what better way to relax than to spend the day on a beach?


QQ is pouting because he wants to run and not sit and pose. Chyler is clearly happy where she is.

We drove to Summerland’s Lookout Park, 10 mins south of Santa Barbara.  It’s a pretty green park with benches on the cliffs that look over the ocean. And there’s a small pathway that leads right down to the wonderful off leash beach!


The beach stretches super long. We started walking north and didn’t even manage to find the end even after walking for more than an hour. One thing to note though, horses share the beach and we came across two set of groups on horseback. QQ isn’t entirely trustworthy around horses so we leashed him until they passed. Also, this means there’s horse poop on the beach, another thing that QQ is prone to eat.


But other than that issue, the dogs had the time of their lives running along the beach, chasing seabirds they can never catch. It was an easy day with no place to get to, and no other plans other than relaxing.

It was a perfect end to our epic two week road trip.

Thank you for reading our recount and sharing our adventures with us!

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    • Yep! That and my husband sending me real time updates and photos of the fun they are having at the dog park. Although I don’t know if that’s helping me get through the day or making me die from envy…

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