Monday Mischief – Winter Road Trip Part 5

This is Part 5 of our recount of our Winter Road Trip. You can find Part 4 here.

On Day 10, we began the return part of our road trip and crossed the state line back into Arizona.

Our road trip might be nearing the end, but we still have plenty of days for more fun. The destination of the day was Tombstone, Arizona.


The site of O.K. Corral

Tombstone, AZ is a town famous for being the site where the most famous gunfight of the Old West took place. It’s a interesting historical town and made for a very fun day. It was also very dog friendly. There wasn’t anything that we couldn’t do with dogs in tow, given your dog isn’t easily startled by gunfights that is.


The streets were lined with stores that still maintain the Wild West look, complete with horse drawn carriages. QQ didn’t really like the horses, but we managed to keep him under control. We started the day wandering around the historical town before checking out the options for watching gunfight shows. I was actually surprised that dogs were allowed in the gunfight show! The only small disappointment was that although we got tickets for the gunfight show, but when the first shot went off, Chyler began struggling in my arms to run off. QQ did not like it either and kept trying to hide his head. The husband had to leave with the dogs while I got to stay behind the watch the show.


QQ happily waiting for the gunfight show to start, not knowing he wasn’t going to like it.

We also took the dogs on the trolley for the history tour. They happily did way better on the trolley tour.


Tombstone Courthouse, part of the historical trolley tour.


Overall, it was an interesting day, we saw sights that are vastly different to what we previously did on the road trip.

On Day 11, we visited two different places.

The first place is Agua Caliente Park in Tuscon, an oasis in the desert. The landscape is very different the moment we turned into the park. Palm trees, water, grass, versus the barren ground and towering cacti that we have been looking at on our drive.


Agua Caliente. QQ haven’t woke up yet.

We  visited really early in the morning and mostly had the place to ourselves. It was a nice place to take a morning walk.

In the afternoon, we drove to Phoenix and visited South Mountain Preserve. We chose to visit this park because it boasts valley views over Phoenix, and it didn’t disappoint. Gorgeous views plus QQ = Photo Spam. That’s pretty much the formula for our entire trip.





love the cacti in the background

On day 12, we headed for our home state of California. On the way, we passed by rest stop at Salome, AZ that is surprisingly covered with snow.


It was so surprising to come across snow in the desert and to see huge cacti covered in snow. We couldn’t resist taking some photos even though it was very cold.

Our next stop was the Imperial Sand Dunes. We had high hopes that QQ will be able to have as much fun here as he did at White Sands National Monument.


QQ looking pensive, because he did not have the freedom he had at White Sands.

Unfortunately, there were alot of ATV vehicles racing around, and they were very fast and have the tendency to appear suddenly out of nowhere behind a dune, so we did not dare let QQ run around freely. It was also very windy. So we let QQ run a little and made him pose for some photos and we quickly moved on.

Our final destination for the day is Salton Sea, fondly known as the accident in the desert. Salton Sea is a saltwater lake located in the desert. Apparently there usually is a stinky stench around the lake, but perhaps because we visited in winter, the scent wasn’t very noticeable. We enjoyed walking along the shoreline of the lake, although it was a little windy.


note Chyler’s helicopter ears!

The “beach” is actually made out of tiny little crustaceans, not sand. It was very fascinating to see, as pictured in the photograph above. It was also littered with dried fish  bodies, which QQ naturally couldn’t resist. The husband decided to hold him for most of the time to avoid giving him any chance at them, but we set him down for a quick moment to take a photograph and he quickly snatched one up. He ended up puking it out at night.


At Salton Sea Visitor Center.

The visitor center had a little oasis that was too cute for words. We had QQ pose in front of a giant row of cactus. This is probably the last time we are going to see cacti as we are heading for Los Angeles next!

And that concludes Part 5. Watch out for Part 6, the final part, coming soon!


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