December, ’14 Finances + Long Overdue Post

This expenses post is waaay overdue!

First, I’ll like to apologize for been MIA for the month of December. It wasn’t planned. We went on a 2 week road trip for the last two weeks of December and the first part was just crazy with work, packing, planning and various other prep required when you are going to be on the road with two dogs for two weeks. I thought I will be able to squeeze in some posts here and there, but it just didn’t happen.

On the other hand, we had a fabulous time! I want to do a 6-8 part post on the road trip, mostly to document our epic journey. We refused to go anywhere the dogs aren’t allowed, so it might help if people are going to be traveling to the same places as us and want to check out dog-friendly places too. Work is going to be crazy in the beginning of the year though so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get it up, but I really want to do it, when everything is still fresh on my mind.

Anyway, on to the expenses. December was a crazy month in more ways than one. There were a ton of year-end deals on Amazon and I splurged on the doggies Christmas pressies. Beginning January, one of my New Year resolution is to go on a no-buy for myself AND the doggies. No more treats and toys! And accessories! Let’s see how I keep to it.

Most of the stuff I bought in December falls under Misc. So I’m just going to list them.

Agility Set/Bully Sticks: $48.24
I saw this indoor Agility set on Coupaw, and thinking that with the rainy season, this might be a way for QQ to get some exercise. I bought it together with a set of bully sticks because we were running out. It was the braided kind which I thought might last longer since it’s thicker. Nope. QQ finished one in minutes.

PrideBites Toys: $55.98
I’ve been lusting after PrideBite customized toys for the longest time, but I could never justify it seeing as QQ destroys his toys, customized or not. And Chyler doesn’t play with toys. However, they were doing this really good 30% off deal in December, and because the customized toys doesn’t arrive until after Christmas, they send you a classic toy for free beforehand! It was too good to pass up, so I bought QQ a customized toy and a customized blanket for the doggies to snuggle in. QQ got a pizza and beer for free to go with it!


Petflow Haul: $54.30
And just after I placed the PrideBites order, Petflow came out with a promo for Christmas-themed PrideBites toys for a really really low price! And naturally I couldn’t miss it. And so QQ ended up with 4 more toys and I also got a bunch of treats with the order


Chyler’s Beds: $40.31
Chyler doesn’t have the thick double-coat that QQ has. With the colder weather approaching, I notice her squeezing into the cracks in the sofa frequently. She also shivers sometimes in the morning when it is especially cold. Thus I decided to buy her a new bed for Christmas. After pursuing the choices on Amazon, I couldn’t decide between a Cave-style bed or a Sack-style bed. After debating for what feels like forever, I decided to heck it and buy her both. A dog can’t have too many beds, am I right? As it turns out, it worked out perfectly. She uses the cave bed when I’m working on the sofa/watching tv. When I’m working at my desk, she uses the sack bed at my feet. Bonus factor, I can stuff my feet into the sack bed and it keeps my feet toasty warm with her inside it too!


Biokleen Bac-Out: $47.61
I know most people like to use Nature’s Miracle when it comes to pet-related accidents. We tried it before, but we find that we greatly prefer Biokleen’s Bac-Out. We used to purchase it from Google Shopping Express for a relatively low price. However, Google Shopping Express started to charge a membership fee so we had to turned to other places. Amazon’s price is way more expensive, but luckily I found a deal on, only it required purchased a 2 pack gallon for the good price. But I see it this way – no need to buy Bac-Out for another year.

Chyler’s carrier: $31.16
This is entirely a splurge. I saw this really cute blue carrier on Amazon’s lightning deal and totally couldn’t resist. It was about 50% off. Chyler doesn’t need a new carrier. But now she has two to choose from.

QQ’s cat toy/treats: $32.96
QQ is obsessed with the cat-tease. The kind with a mouse or something dangling at the end of a stick and he has to jump to catch it. It can entertain him for hours. Or as long as someone is willing to play with him. He broke the stick of the one we had from his enthusiasm so I got him a new one. It was harder than I thought to find a replacement, mostly because I have a phobia of feathers and most of these cat-tease toys have feathers. I finally managed to find one on Amazon that uses leather instead. It was a little expensive though so hopefully QQ won’t break this one any time soon. I also got a bag of Plato Pet Treats Duck Thinkers, these are treats that are supposed to support brain function. I’m not sure how effective they are but it doesn’t hurt to try I guess.

Pet-Sitting: $35
QQ has been going to daycare for awhile now. But I’m worried that he might be picking up some bad habits such as excessive barking at the daycare. Chyler is also exhibiting some separation anxiety when we left her at home during work. I decided to try out home-based pet-sitting for a day. It costs $35 for two dogs for half a day. The dogs did somewhat okay, apparently QQ howled for about an hour after we dropped him off. Chyler didn’t behave all that well either. I’m still debating if this is doable for us.

Chyler’s Revolution: $159
We tried putting Chyler on Trifexis, but we had a horrible time making her take it. So I decided to switch her to Revolution, which is a topical preventive, not oral. She didn’t seem to mind the application at all! Win! This is for 12 months worth, which isn’t too bad at all.

And that together with the monthly insurance ($51.36) brings the total to $555.92. This is actually above our usual expenditure, which I am NOT HAPPY WITH.

New Year Resolution! Reduce the monthly expenditure average to around $300, instead of the current $500. Seeing as QQ has his upcoming annual physical and his flea/heartworm preventive needs to be refilled, I’m not sure if it’s gonna happen, but we will try!


2 thoughts on “December, ’14 Finances + Long Overdue Post

  1. I love how much you got! hehe, I have managed to reduce my spending on the animals considerably, but reading this post I am really craving to go splurge on new great products! The plus side of that is that I can blame it all on you for tempting me into it. I am online shopping as I type this.

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