November, 14 Finances

Time for the monthly round up!


You mean it’s time to do numbers again? Not happy, human. Not happy.

This isn’t such a bad month, considering that Chyler joined our family and created several related costs for a new pup, and I couldn’t resist several Black Friday deals.

First up, Chyler’s “new pup” fees.

We paid the shelter $400 when we adopted Chyler, but I’m not going to add that to our monthly expense, as it isn’t a real expense per se. Although to be fair, the $400 included Chyler’s spaying and vaccinations, and those usually run up to around $200-300 dollars depending on which vet you go to, so we saved a bunch.

She still incurred several other expenses though, as listed below:

1st Health Visit + One dosage of Trifexis: $79.39

Mircochip: $10.99

Collar: $7.61

Carrier Bag: $35.46

Tags: $30

Leash Connector Coupler: $8.71

Insurance: $51.36

Chyler came to us dosed with a dosage of Frontline, a preventive for ticks and fleas, but she wasn’t on any heartworm preventive. I wanted her to try Trifexis, which is what QQ is on. Little girl didn’t like it. I had to force her to take it, something I don’t want to go through monthly, so it looks like I might be trying something else next month. Chyler is using QQ’s old harness. But QQ chewed up his puppy collar, which is the only collar that fits Chyler, so we had to go out and get a new one.

We decided to get Chyler a carrier bag, because she sometimes still gets scared when we visit a new place and freezes up. Also, she’s so tiny I’m always worried she’ll get trampled on when we visit crowded places. The one we used for QQ is bulky, so I decided to try a slimmer version. There’s a bonus in that it looks like a normal ladies handbag and because Chyler is so extremely quiet and never barks, I might be able to sneak her in some places too! Looks like Chyler is my purse-dog-to-be.

I bought a new tag for Chyler, and because I couldn’t resist, I got one for QQ as well. The total cost was originally $22. But we hooked it using a wire bale that the maker sent, and the tag fell off. I paid another $8 to get a replacement. We hooked Chyler’s using a spring wire from another tag and it held up thankfully.

We met another owner who had two dogs once on a hike, and she recommended the leash coupler to us. She said it really helped her two dogs bond. She also got them a different times, and she said her dogs were of a different size, but they worked through it and learned to move together. I got hooked from hearing “it helped them to bond”. QQ and Chyler have vastly different personalities. They don’t fight, but they don’t exactly play together (because Chyler doesn’t play). When out on hikes and walks, QQ love to explore and dashes everywhere. Chyler is more sedate and sticks closer to us. On leash hikes, we are constantly working on QQ’s pulling, whereas Chyler tends to walk behind us. I was hoping that if we walk them using the leash coupler, they will be forced to interact more. The husband is worried that Chyler will end up being dragged everywhere by the stronger QQ, so we will be observing closely when using the coupler to make sure this doesn’t happen. From the few times we used it, I find it really helpful at least in that I have one hand free and only need to hold one leash.

Last item is insurance for two dogs. Two dogs cost more than one dog in terms of insurance, boo.

Total for above expenses, minus Chyler’s cost = $223.52


And now on to the treats and toys  I couldn’t resist buying for Black Friday!

West Paw Dog Toys: $40.08

Aerobie Frisbee: $7.30

Antler Bone Chews: $29.39

Pet Gift Box: $8.99

Whitening Shampoo: $13.29


I’ve been meaning to try West Paw Dog Toys for awhile now. I’ve constantly seen good reviews in other doggie blogs and I like that they are durable and made in USA. A local petstore that sells the brand was doing a 20% off Black Friday sale, so I bought the big and small Toppl as well as a small Tizzi. So far, the Tizzi is a great hit. QQ won’t stop chewing it even when there aren’t any treats inside. We also discovered that it holds a baby carrot perfectly and QQ has to figure out how to untwist the legs in order to get to his carrot. Since QQ gets 2 baby carrots after each meal, this adds a little mental stimulation to every meal.

The frisbee isn’t a dog toy per se, but I saw a guy playing with this particular one at the dog park last week. And it flew really, really far! He told me that this particular frisbee is known for its length of flight. QQ loves playing catch with frisbees whenever we see a spare one at the dog park, so I decided to get him this one.

We are running out of bone chews and I decided to get some at our local pet food express. There wasn’t any particular promotion except the usual buy 3 get 1 free though.

I saw a review for Pet Gift Box and decided to try it out, mostly because they were doing a 50% off Black Friday sale. I know. I should have resisted!

The last item isn’t really a treat or a toy. I just decided to try a whitening shampoo on QQ. Silly boy likes rolling around in the mud and sand when we go hiking. The dirt falls off, but his fur definitely isn’t as white as it should be. The regular shampoo I’m using doesn’t seem to help, so I decided to try a new one.

Total for above is $99.05


That brings the total for the first month with two dogs to $322.57, which is way less than the usual average of $500!

Given, I did cheat a little by not including Chyler’s cost. Also for a month that did not include any food purchase, it’s still a little excessive. BUT, it is Black Friday, and I HAD to get the dogs some fun stuff, right?


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