Monday Mischef – Alameda Shoreline Biking Fun


Ever since I read Mango the Sheltie’s post here about the Dogs of Instagram SG’s meetup where they took the dogs out on an outing with tricycles and bicycles, I’ve itching to do a similar excursion with QQ. QQ is such a high energy dog, the hikes we take him on during the weekends never seem to tire him out enough. He frequently still have enough energy to do zoomies around the house after we get home from hiking, even if we throw in a visit to the dog park for added socialization.

I’ve seen people taking their dogs out biking occasionally, but that doesn’t work for me as I do not know how to ride a bicycle. Yep, that’s my deep dark secret. Never learnt and no desire to learn. So when I saw that the Dogs of Instagram SG’s meetup actually rented tricycles, I thought that was perfect for us. The husband can ride a bike, and I can ride a trike! However, since it’s unlikely that I’ll be going back to Singapore anytime soon, and even if we do return for a visit, I don’t know if we can even bring QQ, there’s no bringing QQ to Punggol for us in the foreseeable future. Therefore, I set about looking for a bike rental that rents tricycles here in the Bay area. Unfortunately, I had a hard time finding a bike rental that also rents tricycles. It doesn’t seem very popular here at all. To our good fortune, I talked about this issue with one of my colleagues one day during a break, and another colleague overheard, and she said she actually saw a bike rental near her place that do have tricycles! Imagine my excitement!

She did live quite far away from us in Alameda. It was about an hour’s drive. But it was totally worth it! The bike rental was located along the shoreline beach and the bike path goes along the beach and cuts through a really pretty park. We had so much fun!


View from the seat of the trike. Love the pretty flower on the bicycle bell too!

The bike rental was actually closed for the season. They are only open regularly from April to October. However, they still take reservations over the phone. I called in and reserved one bicycle and one tricycle for a Saturday in November. As luck would have it, the weather was sunny and perfect. It wasn’t too hot, the air had a fall crispness about it, but the sun and exercise warmed us up quickly.


We arrived at noon. I spent a few minutes learning the ropes. I was actually a little apprehensive as I have no biking experience whatsoever, but it was actually really easy. We originally planned for QQ to run alongside the husband as he rode his bicycle, but that changed when he realized it was hard for him to balance as QQ tends to pull a little. So I took over and I had no issue at all on the tricycle.


QQ quickly picked up on what’s going on and he kept perfect pace alongside me, as long as I maintained the same speed. I found that if I speed up, he would think that a race is starting, then he’ll start to run faster, and he might actually cross over in front of the trike, and might hit the front wheel. Another issue is we have to check to make sure there aren’t any distractions that might cause him to try to run off. He has a pretty strong prey drive, so if he sees any squirrel or water fowl, or even another dog, he might start to jerk and pull towards the distraction. During those times, the husband will get off his bike and take his leash and walk him so he has better control.


The husband and QQ waiting ahead after we skirted a group of Canadian geese that QQ tried to attack.

Chyler sat in the basket the whole time. Mostly because we didn’t think she could keep up with us on wheels. There was a moment when she gave us a heart attack when she jumped out of the basket. We have no idea why, it might be because she thought QQ was having too much fun and wanted to join in? Luckily she wasn’t hurt. We did tie her leash to the basket but she had enough leeway to jump and reach the road. I retied her leash and gave her less leeway. Poor girl was so scared and curled into a ball in the basket for a few minutes. But she quickly sat back up and watched the surroundings attentively.


We rode along Alameda Beach and passed through a pretty green park and a marina before turning around. We rented the bike for 4 hours and pretty much maximized every minute of it, excepting the many stops we took for photos. I think we rode for a total of 7 miles.


Doggies posing in the park.

The views were gorgeous and we had an incredible amount of fun. Most of all, QQ really loved it too! I kept looking down to check on him as we rode and he looked up at me with this huge grin on his face every time. The dogs were totally crashed out by the time we got home. I don’t think I’ve ever seen QQ so tired. He voluntarily went inside his crate after dinner and refused to budge, even when it was time for his nightly pee. The husband had to literally drag him out.

This is definitely something we will return to do again regularly in the future!

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17 thoughts on “Monday Mischef – Alameda Shoreline Biking Fun

  1. This looks awesome!!! I love the trike! Looks even better than the one here haha! Oh what I’ll give to be where you are, with Mango! I would want to visit some place in Autumn, preferably with him in tow, but…. pet travel/quarantine laws are a hassle. 😦 Wish we were seasonal too!

    • We have you to thank for the inspiration! If I didn’t read your post, I would have never thought of looking for trike rentals!

      Yes, I understand the wanting to travel with our dogs feel. Reading your blog makes me really want to bring QQ & Chyler back to Singapore, especially to visit all the dog cafes. We have none here even though the Bay area is very dog friendly….. I would also love for my family & friends in Singapore to be able to meet my doggies too… But I’m worried about the quarantine possibility…

      I hope you get to visit Bay area with Mango one day! There are many off leash hiking places here that you guys would love 🙂

      • Yeah I saw your comment about Singapore. Are you a Singaporean too? 😀 Been looking at options to travel to countries with no quarantine but so far… the airlines only allow dogs to travel in cargo, not cabin… And I feel I might end up with an even more fearful dog. So…. options out at the moment 😦 Unless we relocate for good hehehe.

        Let me know if you’ll come to SG anytime!! Will totally love to meet QQ & Chyler!

      • Yes, I’m Singaporean. I moved to the States 5 years ago though. I would really love to bring QQ and Chyler back for a visit! I think they are small enough to travel in cabin, I wouldn’t ever make them go in the cargo unless we are moving and there isn’t any choice… but I’m not sure if they have to go through quarantine… But I’ll definitely let you know if I go back for a visit, I would love to meet Mango in person 🙂

  2. Oh, that looks like fun. Your dogs are so cute! I’m not sure our Rita would like that… She’s afraid of so many things, I’m not sure she’d like running alongside a bike. Luckily her energy level is just about right for she & I to just walk together. 🙂

    • I don’t think Chyler (our new rescue dog) would like running alongside a bike either, which was why I put her in the basket. I wish QQ can be a little low energy sometimes, it’s hard keeping up with him and finding activities to expend his energy!

      Thank you for visiting!

  3. Our first dog, Kaeto, was extremely high energy as well. We’d go for these long hikes and he’d be ready to run again as soon as we got home. We started doing daily bike rides and it did wonders for him 🙂

    • Yes, it’s amazing what a difference it makes. We went hiking for 4 hours and QQ acted like it’s only been an hour. We biked for 4 hours and QQ zonked out for the entire night. It looks like we need to bike more than we hike!

  4. That sounds like a great day! I want to try a tricycle. My dogs pull a bit, which makes it difficult to ride a bike, but a tricycle would be perfect! Bentley, my smaller dog, has tons of energy too. We hiked for 12 hours one day, and he was still bouncing and playing when we got back to the car. There’s no way I can wear him out on my own two feet!

    • Yes, QQ also pulls a bit. I find that the tricycle is very steady, and there’s no fear of tipping over. And I’m still amazed at how the day wore him out! He was easily appeased with a dog park visit the next day even. I hope you guys get a chance to try it out soon!

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