October’14 Finances and Year Round Up

With the end of October, it marks a full year that QQ joined our lives.

I can’t believe it’s one year already! From Nov 2nd last year to Nov 2nd this year, QQ grew from a little fluff ball to a big fluffy ball of fur.


It hasn’t been an easy year. We went through potty training, leash training, food aggression. We are still trying to manage QQ’s separation anxiety and leash aggressiveness. There’s been days and nights of frustration and anger. When QQ had diarrhea or when he went on his hunger strike, there’s been days and nights of worrying, waking up at unearthly hours to cook broth for him.

But there’s also been days of absolute joy. The first time we brought QQ to the beach. Each and every time he runs free with the look of pure unadulterated joy on his silly little face. The first time he got to eat durian. The first time he successfully learns a trick. The mornings when he jumps on the bed to lick our face. The exuberance he displays every time he greets us after work. The way he runs to us every time we call him. The mornings we get to cuddle in bed. The way he sits patiently each time waiting for me to finish my milkshake so he gets to lick the mug clean. There are too many to list. The big moments when you feel your heart swell and you feel so amazingly blessed and you can’t believe how lucky you are to live in this world where there’s such happiness, and the little moments when you feel so content and you just want to collect all this little blessings and hug it close.

QQ added so much richness to our lives.  Because of him, we explored so many more places in the Bay area than we would have, simply because we want him to experience more, and to find more places we can take him to. Because of him, we’ve learnt to care more, to treasure and feel each moment. We’ve expanded our lives and are healthier (because of the hikes!) and happier.

And everyday I get to hug my not-so-little fluff ball, is a day I should not take for granted.

Now the gushy and mushy part of the post is done… let’s move on the hard numbers.

For October:

Toys:  $57.35

Training: $505

Insurance: $28.80

Total: $591.15

Toys are the mentally stimulating toys I’ve bought in early October. I did one review here and will be doing another review soon.

Training is to for QQ’s leash aggressiveness. We are hoping to be able to learn to manage it properly. We are still working on it.

With the end of October, we can also calculate the total cost of keeping a puppy for a full year. Are you ready for this? (I’m actually not. )

After adding up all the months, the total is $5913.09, with the monthly average being $492.75, which rounds up to $500 a month.

That’s pretty much the same as it was at the 6 month point.  Which sadly means I did not make much improvement at all for the past 6 months. I can argue a little that I have enough food stocked for a few more months at least, so the average should be a little lower. But that might be cheating.

With the addition of Chyler, next month finances will be for keeping two dogs instead of one. I’m hoping to be able to keep the numbers pretty much the same, making each dollar work for 2 dogs and not 1 and therefore making it more worth it. Seeing as QQ has too many treats and toys, hopefully that won’t be too hard!


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