Black & White Sunday – Happy Gotcha Day!


We added a new member to our family! Chyler (樂樂), is a King Charles Cavalier and Papillon mix that we found with a local rescue we occasionally foster for.

We have been looking for a companion dog for QQ for awhile now. When I work from home, I frequently feel guilty when I see how bored QQ is without anyone to play with. We’ve fostered some dogs, but I want him to have a companion he can build a bond with. On the selfish side, I also wanted a lapdog that will be happy sleeping on my lap, unlike QQ, who much prefers to sleep on the cooler hardwood floors.

We had some ideas on the type of dog we wanted. We knew we wanted to rescue a dog for our second dog. We knew we wanted a smaller dog, an adult that is preferably house trained. We wanted a mellow dog, a non-barker and not reactive, because we already have our hands full with a dominant, protective and leash reactive Japanese Spitz.

When we visited the rescue, I honestly did not expect to come home with a dog. It wasn’t the first time we visited shelters or rescues to check out dogs. Nothing ever came out of our visits. I thought that we aren’t all that ready even for a second dog. We are still training QQ. He takes up all our time and attention.

But when we first laid our eyes on Chyler, we fell in love. She is the smallest thing. Only 6 lbs compared to QQ’s 17 lbs. She has the softest eyes and she fit perfectly in my arms. QQ, strangely enough, did not bark at her and didn’t even try to hump her (that did not last). She didn’t shy away when he sniffed her, but she is clearly mellow and submissive.

It might have been an impulse decision (unlike QQ, whose arrival we planned for over 6 months). But we came home with our little girl.

We named her 樂樂, pronunced “Ler-Ler”. It means happiness in Mandarin, because she is such a scared little thing now. She shakes like a leaf at a moment’s notice. I hope she will find happiness and confidence soon. I wanted a name that sounds similar enough to give to the vet, and after some searching, decided upon Chyler. It apparently means “beloved”, which is fitting, as she is definitely going to be our beloved.

Coincidentally enough, today, Nov 2nd, was also the day QQ came home with us exactly 1 year ago! It’s almost as if it’s meant to be, and Chyler is QQ’s Gotcha Day present!

Happy Gotcha Day, QQ & Chyler! Here’s hoping to many Clear Skies & Happy days ahead!

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