Wordless Wednesday – Happy Halloween

witch qq 3 witch qq 2 witch qq

I took this photos as part of a Instagram contest, and also because the husband’s been nagging about dressing QQ up for Halloween. I did not want to spend cash buying QQ something I know he won’t like and enjoy, and he’ll only use once. not to mention the fact that he’ll drag it off the moment we turn our backs. One day after work, I was playing with QQ with the scarf I was wearing that day, and I discovered that draping it around his head made it look like he has dreadlocks. And an idea was born.

The theme of the photos is the Wicked Witch from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Only instead of offering up an apple, QQ is offering up a pumpkin. Because it’s Halloween.

To be honest, the final effect kinda scares me. Especially the 1st and 2nd photo. The way QQ looks up through the drapes seems positively evil. I’m not sure I want to encounter this form of QQ in the middle of the night! You won’t be able to guess that under all that is a dog that just wants his cookie, would you? Who would have thought a black scarf and a pumpkin is all that’s needed for a scary Halloween costume after all!

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