Three Things My Dog Probably Wish I’ll Stop Doing

1. Stop smothering him with hugs.

One of my favorite things to do is to hug QQ. I pick him up and hug him whenever I can. He’s sleeping next to me and I can’t stop myself from hugging him. He’s across the room. I call him to come and hug him. He’s minding his own business sniffing around the house and I walk by, and I go “awww” and hug him. I rub my face against his face and kiss him all over and make smoochy noises as I hold him close.

Most trainers I talk to tell me dogs don’t like to be hugged. A lot of the web research I do say the same thing. I believe there are dogs that do like to be hugged, unfortunately QQ isn’t one of them. He tolerates it. He always comes when I call even though he knows he’s coming for a bout of hugging and for that I know he loves me. He usually puts up with my smooching for a couple of minutes before he starts using a paw to physically push me away, kinda like saying, “okay lady, that’s enough.”. Sometimes, if he’s lucky, I take the hint. If he isn’t and I continue smothering him anyway, he usually lets out a long suffering sigh, finds the most comfortable position possible, and become a dead weigh in my arms.

Are you coming at me with more hugs?!

Are you coming at me with more hugs?!

2. Stop panicking when he’s asleep

It might be the whole first-time dog owners thing, but ever since QQ was a wee puppy, when he falls asleep I get this irrational urge to wake him up just to make sure he’s breathing. This happens still. If QQ is asleep in the car and doesn’t response when I call him, I nudge him until he turns to look at my quizzically, like “what do you want, lady?! I just ran four rounds in the dog park and wrestled with another dog for half an hour. A guy needs his sleep, ‘kay?” When he’s asleep in the other room and I can’t see him, I call him until he resignedly gets up and trot towards me, presenting himself like “I’m alive, I’m alive, now you see me can I go back to sleep?” I know, I’m such a pest. But when QQ doesn’t move when I call him, I can’t stop myself.

3. Stop moving him to the bed/sofa

QQ is a long-haired fluffy dog. Therefore, I imagine he’s probably feeling pretty warm most of the time. We bought him 4 dog beds scattered all over the house, and he always chooses to sleep on the hardwood floors, preferably next to the patio door where the floor is cooler. But I like having him next to me. And I always think he looks uncomfortable lying on the hard surfaces. So since he was a puppy, we play this game where he sleeps on the floor, I carry him onto the dog bed, he slithers off the bed, I carry him on to the sofa or the human bed, he waits a while, jumps off the bed/sofa to lie on the floor. Rinse and repeat. It usually ends when someone gives up. Either him or me. Depending on whoever is more tired.


Stink eye from QQ when I attempted to use the covers from preventing him from jumping off the bed.

Is it just me? Please tell me I’m not the only human being that irritates her dog so!


2 thoughts on “Three Things My Dog Probably Wish I’ll Stop Doing

  1. Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

    I am definitely guilting of hugging Harley even though he seems indifferent to it! He is a good sport about it though. Charlie on the other hand could be hugged/ cuddled all day I think with no problem.

    I have also woken up Harley on occasion because I couldn’t tell if he was breathing. He also gives the “what’s your problem” look, but I feel so much better knowing he is OK.

    I think all these things show how much you love QQ!

    • Aw, thank you for assuaging my guilt! You are so lucky that Charlie likes to be hugged and cuddled! We had a foster dog once that also cuddles next to us all day. QQ wasn’t the least bit jealous even though everyone was worried that he would be…

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