Mischief Monday – A Day at the (Flooded) Beach

Yesterday, QQ once again reminded me how different dogs and humans are, and how we humans can really learn a few things from our canines.

We went to our usual beach haunt for the weekend yesterday.  It is a bit of a drive for us, but we still go there very often, usually at least once every fortnight. Simply because it’s doggie heaven, both for dogs and dog lovers. QQ loves to run  and there’s no better place than the beach, with the sand dunes and long stretch of beach.

Yesterday though, we got a surprise. There’s a short hike to the beach from the parking area, and we decided to take a longer detour through the dunes instead of the direct path. When we got to the beach itself, I was dismayed to realize that it must be high tide. There was barely any beach and the water was up to the cliffs. I was sad and disappointed, thinking that QQ won’t be able to run at the beach today, and it’s a pity too because he was really hot from running on the sand dunes, we all were, and we were looking forward to the cooler sand at the beach.

While I was standing there feeling down, QQ clearly had other ideas. Without a hint of hesitation, he ran straight into the water and splashed right in. And when I looked around, I noticed that most of the other dogs and their humans were doing pretty much the same thing. The humans were standing at the edge, while the dogs were splashing and having fun.


And that’s when I decided to heck it all, and got into the water. So what if there’s no “beach”? The water is mostly ankle deep and freezing cold. But after awhile, one gets used to it and it’s pretty fun to wade through. The waves though, sometimes come up to over the knees, and we soon found ourselves with wet shorts/pants. QQ found himself paddling occasionally. But it didn’t stop him. In fact, nothing stopped him. We waded our way through waves and streams as QQ ran and danced amongst the foamy waves and jumped across the streams and paddled through deeper areas.


All the dogs were having the time of their lives. I think QQ chased more dogs and had more dogs chase him than any other time we came here. As it turns out, most of the humans decided to follow their dogs into the water. No one seemed to care that the beach was flooded and there’s barely any “dry” land. We walked/waded all the way to where we usually stop and had as much fun as we usually have. QQ was absolutely soaked and he couldn’t be happier. (Now why can’t he be equally happy during baths?!)

And to think that I was actually thinking that we won’t have any beach time this time round. Luckily QQ has so much less inhibitions than us. Sometimes, all you need to do is run straight into the water and have fun!


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2 thoughts on “Mischief Monday – A Day at the (Flooded) Beach

    • Haha, every dog is different. I know there are many dogs that do not like getting wet at all. QQ is afraid of heights, he always freezes when he realize he is elevated.

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