Wordless Wednesday – Scary QQ

scary qq

I took this photo on one hand while playing tug with QQ with the other. I was trying to take an angle showing all his sharp teeth so he’ll look really scary but it ended up looking goofy instead… Tug might be QQ’s favorite game. It always starts with fetch. He brings the toy back to us all the time, but when we try to take it from him, he goes all indignant like “No! Why you take my toy!!!” But when we give up and he actually gets it, he runs off a few steps and then turns around to look at us like “Why aren’t you chasing me? Why don’t you want the toy no more?” And he even runs a few steps towards us. And when we don’t chase him/grab the toy from him, he drops it and looks all disappointed. Then we pick it up and throw it, he perks up happily and runs after it, brings it back to us and the cycle begins again…

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