September’14 Finances

Yet another month went by. I’m dreading this month’s roundback, because it’s a really really bad one. Due to various reasons, we stocked up on perhaps six months worth of food.


Darwin: $153.87

Ziwipeak: $305.17

We actually still have about 1 month worth of Darwin left in the freezer and could have delayed the next shipment for another month at least. However, I received an email that said Darwin was going to raise their prices from Sept 17th onwards, so I decided it’s better to get the next shipment before the prices go up. Thus, I currently have about 3-4 months worth of Darwin in my freezer. The freezer is almost entirely packed with QQ’s food, with only about one shelf reserved for our ice-cream stash.

We ran out of dry food when QQ finally finished all the Honest Kitchen. We do need some dry food for weekends when QQ needs to eat his lunch outside. We were given some samples of Ziwipeak’s air dried jerky like food at Pet Food Express and QQ seemed to like it a lot, so I decided to try that as our next dry food. There’s more on the food drama here. I did the buy 3 get 1 free for large Ziwipeak bags and thus the high cost.

Yep, it looks like we are fully stocked on food for the next six months.


Waterproof Collar: $13

Tag refund: -$15.44

New tag: $15.49

Because we bring QQ to the beach so often, we find ourselves frequently having to clean QQ’s cloth harness from sand. The husband got really tired of it one day and asked me if there are waterproof collars that we can use for the beach excursions. As it turns out, there are! So I bought one. QQ’s previous id tag was handmade from pewter. It’s really rugged and pretty, but for some reason, it stained QQ’s white fur. I tried coating it in clear nail polish, but that didn’t help. I emailed the maker, and he very nicely refunded me fully for the purchase, and I went and bought QQ a new non-metal id tag. All these purchases were made in Etsy.


Insurance: $28.80

Vivamune: $5

Vet: $76.70

QQ was coughing for awhile mid-month, and when it didn’t go away after a week, we panicked and brought him to the vet. The vet said it looks like a mild form of kennel cough. QQ is vaccinated for Bordetella, but I guess that’s like the flu shot… She prescribed some cough medicine (which QQ hated). Luckily it seemed to go away after another week.

I saw a post over at My Rotten Dogs extolling the virtues of Vivamune in stopping shedding. QQ has been shedding like crazy for the last month or so. The post offers a free bag of Vivamune with $5 in shipping so I thought I’ll give it a try. It’s early yet but I have yet to see any difference it makes for QQ. I guess every dog reacts to it differently.

And that brings the total of this month to $582.59

Yet another month with a total over $500. I guess we’ll just keep on trying….


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