Food troubles


Whenever I come across blog posts detailing long quests in finding a type of food that their pets are willing to eat, or when my friends tell me about their picky eaters, I could never understand.

QQ eats EVERYTHING we feed him. He epitomizes the term “food whore”. As long as it’s edible, he’ll eat it.

I should have known it was too good to last.

We have been feeding him Darwin and The Honest Kitchen interchangeably for the last few months. By interchangeably, I mean we switch between the two type of foods every month or so. He appears to love both food equally. Then one day, out of the blue, he suddenly decided he’s not going to eat The Honest Kitchen anymore.

It started with dinner. I prepared his dinner as I usually do and he was sitting quietly waiting by my feet. When I set his bowl down, he sniffed it, then turned around and walked away! I thought it might be because he’s not hungry (which has never happened too), so I took him out for a walk hoping that will work up an appetite. But it didn’t. I tried adding peanut butter (one of his loves and a rare treat for him) to the Honest Kitchen mixture. It didn’t work. I tried adding more salmon oil. It didn’t work.

We gave up in the end and I stuck the bowl into the freezer.

The next day, the same thing happened again with breakfast. We ended up pouring some milk in a separate bowl and he drank that readily enough. (Yes, my dog loves milk.) We dropped him off at daycare with his lunch, and when I picked him up, the daycare manager told me that he refused to eat his lunch as well. That’s a total of 3 meals and we were starting to get desperate.

So for dinner, we broke out Darwin’s to see if that will help. And surprise! He nearly inhaled the food bowl.

I do not know if it’s because he developed a distaste towards The Honest Kitchen, or if it’s because of other matters. That was also the week we had to put QQ in full-day daycare. He refused his dinner on the 3rd day of a full day daycare, and refused his breakfast/lunch on the 4th day. He didn’t eat his lunch on the 1st day but did eat dinner. And he ate his lunch on the 2nd day. It might have been a stress issue. We joke that he was going on a hunger strike because he didn’t like been left in daycare for so long.

Because I hate waste, I still wanted him to finish The Honest Kitchen. So we sprinkled some on the Darwin every time we fed him, and he actually eats it that way. One hot summer afternoon, I took out the frozen Honest Kitchen from the freezer (the rejected dinner), and gave it to him frozen, and he ate that too.

In conclusion, I still do not know if it’s The Honest Kitchen, or if it’s stress, or if he was just throwing a tantrum. But I finally understood how frustrating and worrying it is when your dog won’t eat his food. Because The Honest Kitchen isn’t raw, I wasn’t going to repurchase it again anyway.

We do need a type of dry food though. Even though we feed predominantly frozen raw, we like to have some form of dry food on hand for weekends when we can’t get back in time to feed QQ lunch or dinner. The dry food also comes in handy when we travel for road trips etc.

As it happens, Pet Food Express gave us some samples of Ziwipeak, a air-dried jerky-like raw diet. QQ appeared to love the samples, and the husband likes how easy it is. No need for re-hydrating, and we can even use it as training treats if it happens we ran out of treats when we are outside. So now Ziwipeak is our dry food of choice. At least until QQ decide he doesn’t like it.


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