Tuffy Tug O War Dog Toy Review


I previously mentioned that we bought QQ a new toy for his birthday. It’s been about two weeks since he started playing with it and I’m impressed enough to do a review. As I said in a post before, QQ is quite a toy killer. The house was littered with the carcasses of toys he killed before I bought the Molly Mutt Duvet to hide them all in. Anything made from fabric can be counted on being destroyed pretty much within the week, if not the day. I thought about buying him plastic toys. But he doesn’t like chewing on them as much, also, I prefer the idea of him chewing fabric than to chewing plastic. I detest the idea of buying him toys only for him to destroy them. But he’s running out of toys, so I was in quite a dilemma. When his birthday came around together with the 10% birthday discount the local store kindly sent, I figure his birthday was a good excuse for spoiling him, wastage or not. So off we went to the store.

QQ was actually the one to pick out the toy. It’s Tuffy’s Tug O War Dog Toy. Here’s another photo of QQ posing with it.


As you can see, it’s as big as QQ! I would never have picked it out for him myself. I thought it’s way too big. I actually picked out another supposedly tough chew toy. The husband was holding on to QQ’s leash at another side of store and QQ picked this toy out of a bin on the floor. When the husband took it from him to return it, he kept jumping up in an attempt to get it back. When I went over, he showed no interest whatsoever in the toy I picked out. After a quick debate, we decided the birthday boy should have the right to pick out his own toy, and he obviously really like it. The husband also like the fact that it’s easy to play tug of war with the two big handles on either side. So this was the toy we went home with.


Being a fabric toy, I did not have high expectations at first. It was only when I went home and examined the toy more closely, that I realized that it’s really well made. The seams are very strong. It has some squeakers in it, but you really need to press down hard before you can make them squeak. It looks like it’ll tolerate a ton of chewing before the seams will give way.


I went online and did a bit of research. Here are the toy’s specs, C&P from the toy’s website.

Seven Rows of Stitching:

Each toy’s four layers of material are sewn together with two rows of linear stitching and two rows of cross stitching. Those four rows of stitching are protected with an industrial grade luggage material that are sewn three more times!

Four Layers of Material:

Two layers of 600 Denier industrial grade material, one layer of plastic coating and finally one layer of soft fleece. All four layers are rolled together and then sewn together four times in a one inch cross pattern to prevent layer separation.

Protective Webbing:

Additional industrial grade luggage material is sewn around the outside edge with three rows of stitching to cover and protect the first four rows of stitching.

Squeaker Safety Pockets:

Each squeaker is safe and quiet because they are sewn into a nylon safety pocket beneath four other layers of material.

Looks impressive, no? We will see if it lives up to QQ’s jaws of death. As of two weeks, the toy looks exactly the same as it did when we took it home from the store. That’s a pretty good feat by itself!


The husband really likes it because as expected, it’s great for playing tug o war with. QQ loves playing tug o war, and seems to never tire. Sometimes when the toy is small, it can be a little scary with his sharp teeth so near your hand. There’s no danger at all with this toy. In fact, because it’s so long, the husband can even walk around the house holding it while QQ follows him trying to tug it out from his hand the whole time. The husband calls it the make-shift leash.


The toy may be bigger than QQ, but QQ have no issue picking it up with his mouth. Thus it makes for a good game of fetch too. In fact, it’s quite hilarious to see him running around the house with a toy as big as him in the house. Sometimes he try to slip through corners and he can’t, because the toy is too wide, that’s when it gets really funny. It’s even big enough for him to use as a pillow!


QQ actually still have a few more pounds to grow into, so it’s likely he’ll grow into the toy as well. We are really happy to find a toy that looks tough enough to last for a good period of time, and one that he likes so much.


See him putting a paw on the toy? That’s what he does when he wants to signify the item is his and he doesn’t want us taking it away. And finally, here’s a close up of QQ and his new love.



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