August ’14 Finances and Black & White Sunday

I’m a little late in doing the finances this month, work has been crazy! Also, this is not a good month at all so I keep putting it off. Most of the stuff falls under misc. so I’m just going to list each item.

No Pull Freedom Harness: $34.25

Toothbrush: $3.8

Pet Corrector: $14.25

Animal Communicator: $50

Daycare: $500

Birthday toys: $21.63

Insurance: $28.80

Total: $652.73


This month is way over our usual average, so it looks really bad. But it’s actually because of the daycare package we bought. QQ seems to be adapting well to the daycare center we tried out earlier this year. They do 10 day packages and 20 day packages, and the 20 day package is a better deal, so that’s what I decided to buy. It’s a good thing because my work was really heavy this last two weeks and we’ve used up almost half of the 20 days already! We usually only put QQ in daycare for half days, but we actually had to put him in daycare for the full day a few times last week. I always feel guilty when QQ have to do full days at the daycare.

QQ has destroyed most of his toys and he’s due some new ones or he might start eyeing some stuff he’s not meant to chew. As it turns out, one of the local stores sent a mailer wishing him happy birthday and offered a 10% birthday discount. It’s so sweet! So we went over and bought him a new toy which seems quite versatile. I might do a review of it soon. We also bought a few cheap dollar toys from Daiso.

The local Nextdoor website recommended an animal communicator. QQ has been acting up a little and he occasionally shows some leash aggressiveness tendencies. I thought it might be worth it to give the animal communicator a try. The session gave us some insights, but we will probably do more training to solve the issues.

The rest are all basics. We want to try the No Pull Freedom Harness because I want to use something with a martingale so there’s more interaction through the leash, but I did not want a collar. The No Pull Freedom Harness fits the bill. I also like the option for hooking in front of the chest to better direct his attention. He has been using the same toothbrush for the last six months or so, and it’s time for a new one. The Pet Corrector works to distract him from barking.

And we are finally done with the number crunching!

And here’s a photograph of QQ frolicking in the foamy waves for Black and White Sunday.  I wish I can go in the water like he does, but it’s way too cold here in California. So all I can do is live vicariously through my dog. Doesn’t it look like a frothy cup of doggie latte?


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