QQ turns 1

QQ's 1 year old1

QQ's 1 year old

Time really flies. QQ turns 1 today! We celebrated by bringing him to the beach so he can frolic in the waves and hike along the bluff top trails. This isn’t very different from what we usually do on weekends though. To mark the celebration, we extended the usual 2 hour hike to 3 hours! Upon reaching home, we made a birthday cake by freezing his favorite peach and watermelon milkshake in a silicon bowl and stuck a candle on it. As you can see, his eyes are focused on the treat and he barely gave the camera a glance. Again, this isn’t all that different from the summer treats he gets, except that he get to eat his fill! We usually ration his treats and will take it away after he finishes about a quarter of it. This time, he gets to decide when he’s done. He finished about three quarters of the bowl! Yes, I’m expecting a ton of soft poop tomorrow.

And how he’s fast asleep under the table after a long day. Sweet dreams my baby. Happy birthday. I wish you a long, happy and healthy life.


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