Wordless Wednesday

QQ and the new love of his life

QQ and the new love of his life

When all is quiet around the house, that’s the time when QQ is off doing something wrong.

I realized I haven’t heard a peep for about 10 minutes and knew I should get up and do a quick search for the rascal, and low and behold I found him in a corner chewing on the empty carton of milk. That’s his signature “I know I’m doing something wrong, but I’m so cute so why don’t you give me a belly rub” pose.

I swear the dog must have been a cat in his last life. It isn’t enough that he cleans himself like a cat, that’s a Japanese Spitz trait, he also loves milk!

We ran out of watermelon and started making peach and kale milkshakes this week. QQ got used to getting his cup of watermelon after meals and gave us those puppy eyes when we drank our milkshakes. We thought it might be a good way to get him to eat more kale (he doesn’t like the stuff very much) and gave him a small sip. He did okay, so we slowly increased it everyday until he was getting the small cup after his dinner every night. It turns out that he isn’t lactose-intolerant like most dogs are, but we didn’t expect that he’ll end up really liking the taste of milk even by itself! We finished the carton of milk and threw it in the trash. It looks like QQ isn’t quite willing to let the carton go.

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