Fruits QQ eat

I was talking to a friend the other day and commented on how useful QQ is on finishing up fruits that are a little too sour for human consumption, and she was shocked that we actually feed fruits to our dog. It’s not the first time friends expressed surprise that dogs actually eat fruit and I thought it’ll be fun to do a quick list of fruits that QQ enjoy.

I want to state that all dogs are different though. We have been feeding QQ fruits since he was 8 weeks old. Whenever we introduce a new fruit to him we always start small to test if a) his taste buds likes it, b) his stomach likes it. QQ is also on a raw diet. Dogs that has been on a kibble-based diet might not take too well to it. Our foster dog, for example, had diarrhea after eating a small piece of strawberry. Fruits also tend to be high in calories, so we always give it to QQ in moderation. These are a supplement to his diet, and occasional treats. Another caveat is that no matter what fruit you feed, be sure to remove any and all seeds. Seeds tend to contain cyanide which can be deadly for dogs.


The first fruit we gave QQ was blueberries. We only gave him two with each meal. In the beginning, he had no idea what to do with them. I think he thought they were mini ball toys. He’ll roll them round the kitchen floor. We had to use a spoon to crush them flat in his bowl, but he quickly learnt that they can be eaten. He liked them so much we used them to teach him his first few tricks. He soon graduated to the bigger blackberries and raspberries. He loved them all. He now gets a small cup of berries with each meal if they are in season. I really like feeding berries because they are high in antioxidants.


We love feeding strawberries because QQ’s breath smells so sweet after he eats them. Strawberries also contain an enzyme that can help whiten dog’s teeth. We feed them so often that QQ no longer thinks they are anything special. In fact, he now snubs full size strawberries. A big strawberry used to entertain him for awhile as he figures out how to eat it. Now, he will only eat a strawberry if it is cut into bite-sized pieces. Yes, my dog is male but he can be so prissy.


QQ LOVES watermelon, and who can blame him in this hot summer weather? We usually give it to him in juice form, poured into the dug out watermelon shell. He’ll lick up all the juice and proceed to nibble on the shell. It’s a great way for him to cool down in a hot day.



All fruits aid in digestion, but mangoes seem to work best of all. We notice QQ’s bowel system always seem to move a little faster if he has some mangoes. I’m not ashamed to say that QQ makes a great recycle bin when it comes to mangoes. We tend to buy mangoes in bulk when they are in season as they are a little cheaper that way. But more often than not, these mangoes can turn out too sour for human consumption. I’m not sure if all dogs like sour foods or it’s just our dog. QQ has been known to lick lemon slices without puckering up his face! He polishes off all the mangoes we give him, sour or sweet. To be honest, he rarely gets the sweets one.


When we picked QQ up, his breeder told us that he loves bananas. On the first day we had him, he actually refused to eat any food we gave him, including bananas, so we didn’t try it again for awhile. The next time I gave him a banana, I actually gave it to him frozen, because he has shown that he really likes crunchy foods. He happily crunched up the frozen banana and since then, he hasn’t rejected a banana, frozen or not. In fact, when my Dad is here, they frequently compete to see who gets the last banana in the house. Bananas are a good source of potassium for dogs.


I think it’s likely the crunch factor, but QQ loves apple slices. My Mom is an apple lover and she shares half her apple with QQ daily when she visits. I think my dog eats more fruits than me when my parents are visiting. Apples are a huge source of vitamins and also contain calcium.


QQ gets thinly sliced pears whenever we eat pears ourselves. They are a good source of dietary fiber and QQ seems to think of them as a special treat. We feed it often enough that he remembers them but not often enough that he’s used to them.


Pineapples help in boosting a dog’s immune system and also contain an enzyme that aids in breaking down protein. In addition, if you dog like to eat his poop, pineapples have the added benefit of leaving a taste in their poop that turns a dog off, so they would stop eating their own poop. We don’t really feed pineapples a lot, mostly because I don’t like to buy pre-cut fruits and pineapples are too difficult to cut ourselves. But when we do, QQ loves it.


Coming from a tropical island, the husband and I love this king of all tropical fruits. This is one fruit we originally did not plan on giving QQ, mostly because it’s very expensive here in the states and we love it too much to share. In addition, I don’t think this high calorie fruit have any health benefits for dogs at all. However, we did not expect the frenzy this fruit caused. It’s probably the smell. The moment we started eating, QQ came running up. I was eating it on the sofa, and he jumped up and came so near to me I can feel his breath on my face. He knows better than to snatch the fruit or lick it without permission, but he just kept staring at me with those fervent puppy eyes. We couldn’t help but relent and gave him a tiny piece and allowed him to lick our bowls clean. He was so excited he couldn’t barely do his required “sit” before we allowed him to eat. I haven’t seen him so excited over any food item for a long, long time.

QQ licking the bowl clean to get every last speck of durian. He's so determined in his task he pushed the bowl under the dishwasher!

QQ licking the bowl clean to get every last speck of durian. He’s so determined in his task he pushed the bowl under the dishwasher!

I think that’s the list of fruits that QQ has eaten in his short life span. Do you feed fruits to your dogs? Any other fruit recommendations?

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