July’s Finances

And yet another month zoomed by, QQ is growing up so fast. I’ve had to work long days this past week and it’s a huge hardship to leave him every morning. It doesn’t make it any easier when beginning on Wednesday he started to realize that he isn’t going to see me for a long time when I leave in the morning and he began to make a fuss when I leave. He dances around me and wrap his paws around my arm. The husband has to restrain him or lure him to away from the door with a cookie so I can get out the door. It breaks my heart a little each time.


On to the finances. July isn’t a good month.


Darwin: 153.87

Tripe: 34.18


We finished most of the food last month and it was due for another Darwin shipment. Darwin remains QQ’s favorite food. It’s also our personal favorite. It looks the least processed and it’s easiest to prepare. We also finished the tripe we have in storage and I found a somewhat local (as in 1 hour drive away) place and I got 15 lbs worth of tripe. I like to feed tripe semi-regularly so this should last us a couple of months.



Pollack Oil: 39.23

Trifexis and toothpaste: 128.96

Insurance: 28.8

We like to feed QQ some form of hair/coat supplement. We used to feed Omega 3 fish oil, but we finished that. I read about Pollack Oil from another doggie blog and the reviews on Amazon looks good so we decided to  give it a try. We also finished QQ’s supply of Trifexis this month and had to get another round. I also got some toothpaste with the same order from the vet pharmacy.



Poop bags from Coupaw: 21.21

Cooling Gel Pad: 28.7

Kiddie Pool: 8.75

Waist Leash: 12.99


We are running low on poopbags. I used to get our poopbags from a subscription service, but they sadly closed. I saw a deal on Coupaw for 1000 poopbags, and jumped on it. It should last us awhile! It’s been really hot the past couple of weeks here and I noticed QQ moving around the house looking for cool spots to lie on. I saw this cooling gel pad on sale on groupon and the husband wanted me to get it for him. Personally, I think with the slated fireplace area and hardwood floors, QQ already have some choices of cool spots. But the husband spoils him more than me and kept nagging that he thinks QQ needs this, so I got it to keep them both happy. I read of how dogs love to have a pool to play with and cool themselves down, and I saw this kiddie pool and thought it’s pretty cheap if it does make QQ happy. Currently, he is a little apprehensive of it. I think he thinks we are going to give him a bath when he sees us filling it up and he’s keeping a wide berth from it. The husband asked for a waist leash for occasional errands he wants to run with QQ where he might need both hands free to carry stuff. It’s not expensive so I got it for him.



Petbox: 7.62

We really don’t need anymore treats, but I saw a deal for a free box on Petbox’s Facebook page and couldn’t resist. I think it’s still available. You only need to pay shipping for the box and it contains about 20 dollars worth of stuff.


So that brings the total for the month to $474.31. As I said, it’s not a good month, but hopefully next month will be better!


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