June’14 Finances & Wordless Wednesday

It’s the time of the month again and it’s a very happy one!

I’m glad to report that our finances for this month consist of only 3 items.


Insurance @ 28.8 per month

Obedience & Agility classes @ 45

Molly Mutt Duvet @ 34.26

Total: $108.06

We did not have any food expenses as we are still working through the Stella & Chewy’s bags and The Honest Kitchen boxes we bought in May.

We took QQ to a pet food express with an agility room last month, and the ladies in charge kindly took him through the course. QQ absolutely loved it and the ladies commented that he really took to it. This made me want to start QQ on agility classes. I happened to come across a groupon for one of the places I had my eye on so I bought it. It’s $45 for 2 classes and an evaluation.

I’ve had my eye on the Molly Mutt duvet for awhile. QQ’s loves to destroy his toys but I can’t bear to throw away all his toy carcasses – they have so many memories! The Molly Mutt Duvet is great in the sense that I can stuff all QQ’s toy carcasses inside, as well as his holey blankies AND our holey clothes They are covered in our scents so he naturally takes to it. I got the outdoor version, mostly because the surface feels a little cooler with the water resistant protector.

I did not buy any additional treats or toys because we are still fully stocked up on those.

This is a really good month, but sadly I don’t expect it to last. QQ is almost done with his Trifexis so we probably will need to pick up another set next month. I’m also expecting a shipment of Darwin’s next month because we are finishing his current food stash. If he ends up really liking the agility classes, we might sign up for a package deal next month too. So it looks like there’s a bunch of expenses lined up!


And here’s Wordless Wednesday for this week. QQ finds the weirdest positions to sleep in. I was working on the sofa, turned my head, and there was his face.


photo1 (3)

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6 thoughts on “June’14 Finances & Wordless Wednesday

    • Yes, it is! I got the idea from other doggie blogs that I read. I like it because I have the tendency to overspend, and this keeps me in check.

  1. It is definitely tough to keep pet expenses in check as most of us have a tendency to spoil them! Looks like you are definitely conscious of that though and are creating a good balance!

    What an adorable way for QQ to be laying!

    • Yes! I frequently have to consciously remind myself that QQ have way too many treats and toys to stop myself from buying/making more! Keeping a record truly helps to keep myself in check.

      He finds the strangest position to sleep in, and they always look way too uncomfortable to me. but it works for him!

    • Yes, they do! I took me awhile to learn to not move QQ into what I think is a more comfortable position for me when he’s sleeping in an awkward position!

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