Review – Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Bison Trial

Before I scored the two trial size boxes of The Honest Kitchen at Petflow, I wandered into our local pet food express one day and decided to ask if they have any samples of The Honest Kitchen. Our local pet food express is very generous with their samples and previously provided me with samples of Stella & Chewy’s and Primal freeze dried patties. It paid off for them because QQ loved them and I went back and bought full size bags. This time round, the kind salesperson said they didn’t have any samples of THK, but he handed me a trial-sized bag of Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Bison. He told me that it’s very similar to THK’s formula. Although the packaging says $4.97, he gave it to me at no charge! I love our local pet food express.


On to the review – QQ loved Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Bison. Technically, I have to say that’s not saying much, seeing as how QQ basically loves ALL food. He gobbles everything up is less than 10 seconds. But I have to say, this food smells really yummy, even I want to eat it.

How the formula looks in the bag

How the formula looks in the bag. And yes, that’s QQ sniffing below the bag.

A close up of the formula pre-hydration

A close up of the formula pre-hydration

After hydration

After hydration

QQ patiently waiting for the "Okay" command before eating.

QQ patiently waiting for the “Okay” command before eating.

For a trial sized bag, the serving is pretty decent. The 6 oz bag lasted us approximately 1 week. It hydrates very fast – much faster than the Primal and Stella & Chewy’s patties. I don’t even have to use warm water for quicker hydration. It turns into a porridge-like consistency quickly and emits a strong broth-like aroma that made me want to eat it. There are chunks of meat and veggies in there that takes a longer while to hydrate though. Even using hot water on these chunks doesn’t make it softer any faster.

I’ve not tried mixing any meat into the formula – I did try adding a raw egg in a couple of times and it mixes well with it.

One issue that is stopping me from buying full size boxes of Grandma Lucy’s is that although it’s freeze-dried, I’m not sure it’s raw? The kind pet food express salesman told me that it’s freeze dried cooked meat/veggies, and not raw, although I previously thought it was. QQ’s poop seems to confirm it. QQ’s poop used to be small, dry, black and “tight”, very easy to pick up and virtually no smell. Ever since he started eating the freeze dried Grandma Lucy’s formula, it started to turn softer, fluffier and more yellow. It’s still solid and not watery by any means, but one can definitely feel the difference. The husband, who is usually the one in charge of poop picking, told me that he definitely prefers QQ’s previous poops and asked me to go back to QQ’s previous diet.

I like how easy it is to prepare Grandma Lucy’s formula and love the homely smell. I also like how versatile it is – you can add any additional ingredients like eggs or meat, or use it as a topper over other foods. I like the quality of the ingredients too.

However, I’m not sure I want to change QQ’s diet from purely raw to cooked. Any comments or ideas?


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