May, ’14 finances

A month flew by and this will be the first of our monthly finances. I’m a little sad to say we didn’t manage to keep this month below the targeted $500. There are a couple of reasons I’ll list below, but I have high hopes we will be able to do so for the next month!


Pet Food Express Stella & Chewy’s – $130.76

We just about finished our stash of food at the beginning of the month, and I wanted to try a new brand for QQ. So we took advantage of Pet Food Express’s Buy 3 Get 1 Free promo and bought 4 huge bags of Stella & Chewy’s frozen and freeze dried food. The good news is it looks like this stash will last us at least 2 months and thus food expenses for June should be significantly lower.


Daycare – $280

Petflow Haul – $35.71

Insurance: $28.80

The main reason we can’t keep this month’s expenses down is because we decided to try daycare for QQ on days he has to be home alone longer than 2-3 hours. We bought a 20 half-day package for $280. We’ve used only half of it so far for May though, and it looks like we won’t have to use it for most of June and July.

I detailed our Petflow Haul here, and half of it should actually fall under food and another half under treats and toys. But I’m lazy so it’s going under misc.

Treats & Toys

Coupaw Bully Sticks – $19.99

PetBox – $20.71

We ran out of bully stick, which is always an issue as QQ loves them to death and it’s the best way to keep him entertained when he has to be alone or if we have to do some tasks around the house and need to stop him from being underfoot all the time. I saw this deal on Coupaw for 12″ bullies and jumped on it. I also saw a deal for a first box with Petbox and decided to give it a try. The full price is a little too expensive so 1 box is probably all we are going to do.

Total: $515.97

The total is still way over $500 so I can’t consider this month a success. But next month will be better!


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