Pet Flow Haul


Petflow recently had a deal going for The Honest Kitchen, $3.99 for 2 lbs boxes of Force, Keen, Love and Embark. I’ve wanted to try The Honest Kitchen for awhile. However, the price point was a little out of our budget range. Seeing as how  1 lb usually goes for $10, 2 lbs for $4 was a great deal and something I’m not about to miss! I bought a box of Love and a box of Embark as those are aimed at puppies.

Petflow was offering free shipping for purchases $35 and up so I decided to buy some additional stuff to top up the order. I bought a stainless steel slow feeder, some cow ears that were also on sale, and a bag of their “greatest and most popular hits”. I figured we could always do with more chews.

QQ has an issue with inhaling his food without stopping to chew when he eats his meals, so we’ve always been on the lookout for good slow feeders. Because we feed raw, I only want to use stainless steel bowls We bought the Durapet Slow Feed Bowl, hoping it will be the solution. However, even though I bought size small, as you can see from the photo above, it’s still darn big! It doesn’t slow QQ down at all. We are still keeping it because an additional food bowl is nice to have to switch around, and QQ’s old food bowl is getting a little too small for him (he’s eating more as he grows bigger), but we are still in search of a better slow feeder. I wish they make those maze like food bowls in stainless steel, or puzzle feeders. Those would work much better, I think.

We are still working through the chews we bought, but we tried two of the chews in the Greatest and Most Popular Hits. This is the canvas bag in the photo. I actually regret purchasing this bag. I usually keep a sharp eye on the treats and chews I buy for QQ, but I neglected to check up on this particular purchase. The product page actually lists all the chews you get in the bag, and I should have read up on all of them, but I just looked at the description, “six of Petflow’s Greatest Hits in one organic bag”, read the good reviews and decided it will be a good way to try a variety of treats. I gave QQ the Redbarn Barn Bagels filled Rawhide Dog Treat one evening when we went out for a dinner with some friends. It was pretty solid and I thought it might entertain him for a bit. I don’t know how long he took to finish it, but there wasn’t a bit left when we got back an hour later!  He was extremely thirsty the whole night and kept drinking water. He drank so much that he woke us up in the middle of night because he needed to pee. And after peeing, he ran straight to his water bowl to drink more water. The next morning, his poop was very soft and stinky – it wasn’t exactly diarrhea, but still nothing like his usual poop. I thought it was a freak event, but a week later, I gave him the Redbarn Filled Rawhide Bones Dog Treat, and it happened again, down to the exact same looking poop. This was when I finally went to the website and took a look at the list of ingredients. I’m not sure if it’s because of the overload of peanut butter in the treat (which was probably the reason why he was so thirsty), or the artificial flavors and coloring, but something in these treats definitely aren’t working with QQ. Luckily, there are only two Redbarn treats in the bag. the remaining chews are bully sticks, beef ear and small sausages, items that QQ are more used to. In the future, I’ll probably stick with my rule of “5 ingredients or less” when it comes to buying treats and chews. 

Overall, I’m still pretty happy with this haul! It’s also a good thing to try new stuff and find out what doesn’t work with QQ and what does. And I’m definitely looking forward to trying The Honest Kitchen and see how QQ does with it.


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