A Day at the Beach

For a dog that doesn’t really like the water, QQ really loves the beach. Which works out great for me because I love the ocean. 

Although we live in the Bay area, which is technically by the ocean, we sadly do not live close to the oceanfront, so we don’t make it down to the beach frequently enough. We did however managed to make it to one of the rare off leash dog beaches last weekend, and boy did QQ have a good time.


The beautiful beach. QQ ran down the walkway so fast the husband nearly had an heart attack. Then he double backed up to where we were and gave us the “why are you so slow” look.



The husband and QQ

I think partly the reason why QQ loves the beach is the wide expanse and soft sand for him to run in. He shoots off faster than a bullet and before you know it he’s just a tiny speck. And before you can call his name, he’s right in front of you, with a wide goofy grin on his face.


We are also lucky in that he doesn’t like the water and refuse to even get his paws wet. He goes right to the water’s edge to sniff, and the minute the waves come in, he dances away. This is good because the waves look pretty strong, and if he does like to go into the water to swim, I’ll be worried.


As one of the rare off leash dog beaches, we saw a lot of dogs. One reason it works well is also because this is a somewhat enclosed beach so there’s a limit to how far the dogs can run. QQ got to interact with plenty of dogs – most of the interacting include running after and being run after by the dogs!


And yet another of his great loves – digging in the sand. Look at that nose! Half the time we can only see his butt in the air. I have no idea what he’s digging for. And he loves digging right next to our deck chairs, causing one corner of the chair to be in a perpetual sink.

All in all, it was a wonderful day at the beach, and one of the days I hope to be able to repeat frequently!

And yes, the next day, we had sandy poop to pick up!





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