Icy treats for hot days

It hit temps above 30 degrees Celsius (95F) this week here in the Bay area and QQ could not stop drinking water! I felt like I was constantly refilling his water bowl. We humans have our ice cream to help us deal with the heat, and I thought the poor thing deserved some icy treats of his own.

Barkbox sent a Mr. Barksmith’s Cool Treats in the April box and  I have been keeping it in the freezer since. I thought it was a good time to break it out. I gave it to QQ on a hot afternoon after a 30 minute walk and he wolfed it down and licked the cup clean. He so clearly enjoyed it I thought about buying it. Then I took a closer look at the ingredients – apple puree, banana puree, water, carrot puree, and I thought, hey, I can make that!

So today, I decided to make some frozen treats for my hot little pup. And it was so incredibly easy! I didn’t have any apples on hand, but we always have a stock of baby carrots for QQ to munch on after meals, and we have some bananas. Instead of water, I decided to use Greek yogurt, because QQ loves it already, and it makes the final mixture a little creamier. I used plain yogurt, not the flavored one in the photo. .


I put all the ingredients into the blender and just blended. Using half a banana, about 3/4 cup of yogurt and a handful of carrots make about enough to fill two yogurt cups. I poured half into QQ’s food bowl and half into the empty yogurt cup and popped both into the freezer. About an hour later, both were nicely frozen.

I took the one in his food bowl out to the patio and gave it to QQ there. He was positively dancing in excitement! I haven’t seen him so enthusiastic in his anticipation of a treat in awhile.


Here he is, not happy I asked him to stop in the middle of eating his treat to pose for a photo.

These were really easy to make. Seeing as how QQ loves them so much, I will probably be making a lot more as the days of summer draw near.

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8 thoughts on “Icy treats for hot days

    • Yes he was, wasn’t he? Thanks for stopping by! Our neighbor has a Sheltie and QQ grew up on walks with her. She has always been very patient with QQ’s puppy ways.

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