Finances of a puppy for 6 months

I’ve seen many other doggie blogs do monthly finances, and I thought that’s a good idea. Seeing as how I have a tendency to overspend on treats and toys when it comes to QQ, recording them down might give me a sense of perspective. However, I’m a bit late in the game seeing as it’s already been 6 months since QQ came into our lives, so I thought I might as well combine 6 months into 1 post to start. Also, I thought it would be helpful for anyone considering a puppy to see how much it would cost for a puppy. It’s definitely a lot more expensive then I thought it would be! But then again, I buy too much toys and treats.


Professor QQ: Let’s do the finances!



  • Darwin: $280.55
  • Primal: $59.8
  • Tripe: $21
  • Marrow Bones: $14
  • Misc. Fruits and baby carrots: $100 (?)

Total: $475.35

We feed commercial raw and have been mainly feeding Darwin and Primal. We are just about finishing our stash now and I’m going to buy another commercial raw brand to try out. I also feed tripe as a supplement every 2 weeks or so and buy marrow bones from the grocery store to give QQ as treats and to help clean his teeth. QQ gets some fruits and baby carrots with every meal. But I don’t have the exact cost seeing as we also eat them, so I’m estimating a rough number. We buy strawberries and other fruits from the farmers market, and also in bulk from Costco.


  • Vet Health visits and vaccinations: $516.65
  • Neuter/Mircochip /Registration: $130
  • Insurance: $172.8
  • Training: $450

Total: $1269.45

The basic fees of a puppy – health check ups, vaccinations, neutering, microchipping and registration. The vet visits also included a 6 months worth of Trifexis though. We did the neutering/microchipping at our local humane society when QQ was 5 months old. The vet’s fees for that is way too high. Insurance is $28.80 per month, so the above is 6 months worth. We hired a personal trainer to help us train QQ, because we are inexperienced first time owners, and our work schedule made it hard for us to do classes.

Basic Necessities

  • Wee Wee Patch (artificial grass): $40.23
  • Mobile Pet Pen: $165.71
  • Grooming supplies: $90.38
  • Plastic X-Pen: $78.03
  • Carrier Bag: $19.95
  • Puppy pads and holder: $58.14
  • Wet wipes: $50
  • Separation Anxiety treatment: $46.59
  • Training supplies: $53.82
  • Water and Feeding bowls: $46.39
  • Leash and Harness: $32.34
  • Misc. : $100

Total: 781.48

We bought most of our stuff from Amazon, so it was easy to keep track. However, we also bought some stuff from stores like Ross, where the receipts got lost so we don’t know the exact amount spent. Those were estimated and gauged. These are all the basic necessities of keeping a puppy. We spent a little more than we should though on some items that we tried a few to find the best fit. We did try to buy more quality items for things we feel will be used for a long time.  – the most expensive item is the pen. It’s a large size one so I think QQ will get many years out of it. The X-Pen is also expensive, but it’s light and sturdy and can be set up in various sizes and configurations. We use an artificial grass training patch to train QQ to go outside the house on the patio when he was still very small. We also used puppy pads and puppy pad holder when he has to be alone for 4 hours. Grooming supplies include the dremel we use to trim his nails, slicker brush, rake brush etc. I brush QQ at least once a week as he is a long haired dog. Training supplies include bitter apple spray, correction spray and a bark collar. QQ barks at random strangers when we go out for walks so we are hoping to cure him of that. It’s a vibration collar, not an electric one. QQ has major separation anxiety, so we tried a variety of solutions, including DAP diffuser, dog music, bach remedy. None has worked for now. We tried a variety of leashes and harnesses – pronged collar, martingale collars, harnesses etc. We are still trying to find one that works! QQ has 4 water/food bowls. Two for regular use, one that hangs by the side of his crate and one portable one. We bought his pet bed and the blankies he use to lie around the house at Ross, those went under the Misc. as I can’t find the receipts for the exact price.

Subscription Boxes/Treats/Toys

  • Poopbuddy: $48
  • Happy Dog Box: $12.50
  • BarkBox: $104
  • Spoiled Rotten Box: $44.98
  • Petflow Black Friday: $61.11
  • Only Natural Pet Black Friday: $99.49
  • Random Purchases from Pet Food Express: $92.12
  • toy from Petco: $5.44

Total: $462.20

I said I bought way too many treats and toys for QQ! I personally have a beauty/health subscription box problem and I’ve successfully managed to wean myself from 10 subscription boxes to 1, when QQ came into my life and I discovered the whole new world of pet subscriptions! To be fair, I’ve mostly only tried 1 box per new pet subscription and usually when you get half off the first box.  (I forgot to cancel the Spoiled Rotten Box and thus had to pay full price for an additional box.) We got QQ in November and it was Thanksgiving soon after, so I took advantage of the Black Friday sales to stock up on treats on Petflow and Only Natural Pet. We live way too near to our local Pet Food Express and every time I go in, I can’t help purchasing a random toy or treat. We also bought some useful stuff, like a smaller crate for crate training, but those are going under here because I’m unsure of the exact cost. Our treat cabinet is seriously overflowing now and I think we have enough treats and toys to last for several months more (so this total should actually be averaged out over 7 or 8 months, not 6!) I actually have 6 months more of Barkbox from a groupon I purchased, but I’m not going to use that until we finish our current stash of treats, so that’s not going in the total above.

Total for 6 months: $2988.28

And thus, the total for keeping a puppy (overwhelmed with treats and toys) comes down to approximately $3000, making it an average of $500 a month. I’m sure if you have a higher restrain for spoiling your puppy, you can keep it down to way lower an amount!

I’m going to try to practice a better restrain for now. And hopefully, May will be a much better month.


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