Toy Killer

QQ is a bad chewer. Bad, as in he loves to chew. We quickly learnt that if we buy him cheap toys, they will end up like this.


The husband sent me the above photo, and captioned it “QQ killed reindeer.”

Why? Qing Qing? Why? What did the reindeer ever do to you?

Even the so-called tough chew toys end up losing limbs and ears. The ears are usually the first to go.

Barkbox sent two toys for December ’13. Simply Fido Organic Rope Toy – a cute little donkey, and Go Dog Yeti – a strange looking one eye green monster. I stole the photo below off the internet, because QQ’s ones no longer resemble their original selves.


The cute little donkey’s ears did not last five minutes. Within a day, he managed to chew apart the rope knot too. He chewed the rope to strands that he began to eat, and we had to throw the rope away because I was afraid he might choke on it. Little donkey now looks like this. Note its missing ears and tail.

photo4 (1)

At least the donkey still remains recognizable. Go Dog Yeti is supposed to be made with “chew guard technology” and able to withstand “extreme bite pressure”. It now looks like this.

photo1 (6)

I will say this. His limbs lasted a good 1 month before they came off.  And after they came off, they individually became QQ’s favorite chew toys by themselves.

photo2 (2) photo3 (1)

These legs (?) originally had squeakers in them which he somehow managed to dig out. I threw them away because he was chewing on them too and I didn’t want him eating plastic. But even squeaker-less, he likes chewing on these neon green appendages until they are wet and soggy.

And all this when he was 3 months old and weighed less than 10 lbs. I wonder what toys can we get him that can survive his jaws of death.


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