Tear Stained Eyes

When we first picked QQ up, we noticed that he has some reddish staining below his eyes.  It is actually quite normal for Japanese Spitz and it isn’t excessive by any means. Puppies tend to get it and it’s supposed to go away as they grow older, after teething and usually after neutering.

IMG_8262 IMG_8384

We talked to the Iku’s Mom and she suggested Pet Sparkles.  She uses it for Iku and says it works.


I had difficulty finding though, and I also did not like that it included molasses. Our local pet store recommended Angel Tears, but I thought it was too expensive. I also did not like that it is an antibiotic.

When shopping for natural dog treats, I came across Only Natural Pet”s website and noticed that they also carry a natural tear stain relief called Pet Tears. The price point was acceptable, the main ingredient is cranberry extract so I thought there’s no harm in trying. We sprinkled about a quarter of a teaspoon on QQ’s breakfast every morning.

Soon after, QQ’s tear stains cleared up. This is after 1 week of use.


And this is after about 3 weeks.


It looks like Only Natural Pet’s Pet Tears work! The bottle contains 200 grams and after about 4 months, we barely made a dent because we only feed about a quarter teaspoon every day, and to be honest, we aren’t that religious about feeding it. In fact, the husband frequently forgets. We also skip it when we go on trips. Sometimes if we skip for more than 5 days or so, we notice a bit of staining coming back. However, his tear stains never got as significant as it used to be when he was 8-9 weeks old. I’m not sure if it’s also because he finished teething and has grown past that stage.  I also clean QQ’s eyes regularly so that might play a part.

Still, I like Only Natural Pet’s Pet Tears. I think it’s effective to an extend if the tear stains aren’t serious and worth a try!


2 thoughts on “Tear Stained Eyes

  1. Thanks for the info I’m going to try it. I heard a lot about angel eyes but I also don’t like the ingredients!

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